These Flexible Travel Shoes Are Like Walking Barefoot And Fold Up For Easy Carry

Vivobarefoot Desert boot model
Courtesy of Vivobarefoot

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* Chukka shoes that mimic barefoot life
* Channel your inner hippie without sacrificing style
* Lightweight leather footwear that compacts for travel

The classic chukka shoes are a savvy blend of a sneaker style and a more sophisticated dress shoe. An insulated version of the chukka can be worn on outdoor adventures and more refined versions can be dressed up to wear to work events, making them a staple for every men’s shoe collection. The key to go-to everyday footwear is comfort though, so no matter how high-design the shoes may be, it is vital to invest in a pair of shoes that provides foot support while allowing you to do exactly what your feet were meant to do…move. The designers over at Vivobarefoot have built an entire line of shoes that caters to the needs of the foot. These chukka shoes are their idea of a work shoe that can be worn every day and especially during travel as they actually fold-up and over themselves for incredible packability while offering a lightweight and sleek feel for wearers. Made with wild Ethiopian leather, this durable shoe caters to your unique lifestyle because of their rubber sole that offers excellent support across urban terrain along with a lace-up front that helps you get the ultimate fit, all while looking professional enough for meetings and formal events.

Vivobarefoot Desert boot black Courtesy of Amazon

The secret to these shoes is their barefoot feel that gives your foot ample room to move and your toes proper range within the toe box and a genuine response to the ground underneath. After wearing a version of these for a week, I noticed that my feet actually felt completely naked throughout the day because of the minimalist design and flexible feel. Made with a puncture resistant rubber sole that is surprisingly lightweight, so light in fact, that you can feel the ground beneath you, which I thought would cause discomfort but as long as you are not on rocky or rough terrain, I found wonderfully comfortable. The shoes are designed to be fairly water-resistant as well, so don’t depend on them for puddle dodging in the city but expect a pretty tough design that holds up despite spontaneous showers or unsuspecting wetness. We love the shoe for a go-to travel option as they fit in any daypack and can be stashed easily on a carry-on and they really do make your feet feel freer than any other sneaker-style shoes I have worn.

Vivobarefoot Desert boot black orange Courtesy of Vivobarefoot

Vivobarefoot makes a variety of styles including these tanned leather chukkas that offer a high-brow style for the sartorial gent who needs an elevated pair to wear with a suit or sophisticated work attire. We would definitely consider this brand to be one that requires you to spend a little more cash up front but is worth the investment because of their quality and shoes with an overall fit that gives your feet a break from the standard shoe that may restrict your feet from their natural movement. That barefoot feel is something you don’t know your missing until you try it.

Vivobarefoot Desert boot tan leather Courtesy of Amazon