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Turtleneck Dickies: The TikTok Fashion Trend That’s Been Hiding in Plain Sight

As guys, we’re sometimes a little fashionably late. Not when it comes to timing because we’ve got that down pat — we’re talking more in terms of actual fashion. We’re absolutely here for the majority of dope style trends for dudes, but sometimes, there’s a trend that seemingly comes out of nowhere when in reality it’s not even a trend, rather a fashion staple that’s been around forever.

I was scrolling through TikTok a couple of days ago and stumbled upon something that floored me: a unisex fashion piece I never knew existed. The article of clothing in question? Turtleneck dickies.

Turtleneck dickies work as an undershirt option for guys without all of the fuss. A turtleneck dicky is essentially a turtleneck necklace because it lacks the entire body section of the shirt and sleeves. They’re meant to go underneath sweatshirts, sweaters, button-downs and long-sleeve tees to give a subtle turtleneck collar intended to bring your look to the next level, mimicking the appearance of an actual undershirt turtleneck.


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We know what you’re thinking, why not just wear a regular turtleneck shirt as you have been for years? Well, turtleneck dickies are less constricting than regular turtleneck shirts and way less bulky than any turtleneck sweater, hands down. Turtleneck dickies provide a solid alternative to wearing less clothing, which in turn will make you feel less constricted and sweaty while still keeping your look on point. It’s a genuine win-win.

One thing we have to warn you about right now is that turtleneck dickies are hardly ever in stock as of late. They’re blowing TikTok up right now, so many people stumbling upon the garment are ordering as we speak. Don’t fret though, if any of our below picks are sold out, wait a couple of days (or even hours) until they go back in stock because they typically replenish quickly.

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It’s time to ditch those extra layers and snag a couple of turtleneck dickies for yourself before spring. Spice up your look in a way you never thought possible by checking out these affordable options from Amazon below.


1. Hampton Direct Unisex Turtleneck Dickies


Why have one turtleneck dicky when you can have four turtleneck dickies? This four-pack works as an excellent way to keep the turtleneck sweater look without any of the bulk. They’re great for people who often work outdoors and need a little bit of extra warmth when it’s chilly outside. They’re also perfect for fashion purposes, so throw these on under your favorite crewneck sweatshirt or long-sleeve tee and call it a look. The pack will arrive boasting one of each monotone color, featuring black, white, grey and navy to ensure they’ll match just about anything you have in your closet this winter.

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2. Joyci Turtleneck Dickey


If keeping warm isn’t your biggest priority, check out these cotton turtleneck dickies from Joyci for a casual, relaxed accessory to incorporate into your winter wear. This two-pack has a larger frontal fabric mimicking the appearance of an actual shirt, so you can wear these with a shirt buttoned down a little more than you would with other dickies. Snag these in either a black and white two-pack of a striped version and stay stylish all season.

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3. Collections Zippered Dicky


Most turtleneck dickies tend to ditch the armholes, but if you want something that feels like a sleeveless shirt, look no further than this turtleneck dicky. Unlike our previous picks, this option doesn’t come in a multi-pack, so this one dicky is exactly what you’ll get. It’s soft and cozy when on and as expected, provides a ton less bulkiness than your average turtleneck. It also has a zipper back, making it easier to put on.

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4. OHOO Men’s Ribbed Dicky


When searching online for turtleneck dickies, you’ll quickly begin to notice that the majority are geared toward women. Although that truly doesn’t matter because the dicky is going to fit the male form regardless, this ribbed dicky from OHOO is one of the only turtleneck dickies online specifically made for the male figure. It comes in a variety of colors ranging from tan to green to yellow, so no matter what look you’re going for, these dickies will help you do it with ease.

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5. Shinywear Ruffles Turtle Neck Dicky


Yeah, it is quite feminine, but it’s 2021. Who cares? This ruffled turtleneck dicky is the most fashion-forward we could find on Amazon that will totally bring your look to the next level. The lacey neck has an almost royal feeling to it, but we suggest toning it down with a long-sleeve tee or casual crewneck. Throw on a beanie and a pair of ripped jeans and you got yourself the coolest ‘fit you’ll wear all season.

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