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Feeling Waterlogged? These UGG Rain Boots Should Help

* Rain boots are a new category for the popular footwear company
* Perfect for walking the dog, rainy day outings or muddy festival dance-offs
* Pull-on style with cozy wool insole

Your UGGs just got an upgrade. The makers of the iconic sheepskin boot have delivered their very first rubber rain boots – just in time for spring.

Designed to keep you dry while looking casual yet put together, the Shaye Rubber Rain Boots are ideal for wet climates or unexpected storms. These boots are made to last whether you’re taking the dog for a walk, dancing at a muddy festival or just heading out on a rainy day.

Available in black or navy blue and sporting an UGG brand logo stud, the design is simple, playing on the clean cut, classic rubber boot silhouette with a fun zig-zag top trim. Inside, the rounded toe and “UGGpure” wool insole ensure that the boots remain warm, snug and comfortable to wear, even when it’s less than cozy outside.

The boots are entirely waterproof. Combining a large one-inch heel, sturdy rubber outsole and easy, pull-on design, UGG’s rain boots help to make rainy days effortlessly fashionable.

As with many of UGG’s products, the Shaye rubber boots are made in the USA. While the waterproof rubber exterior may be a new direction for this footwear pioneer, the Shaye boots maintain the high quality and all the key elements that made UGG successful in the first place.  

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