SPY Guide: 5 Funny Holiday Sweaters to Give Your Man This Christmas

bikini sasquatch ugly christmas sweater
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It’s that time of year again. Time to get your ugly on. Here are five strong competitors to add to your ugly Christmas sweater arsenal. Each one visually dismays, while providing plenty of festive fun.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Men's Snows Out, Port, Small This sweater sports a holiday-appropriate combination of maroon and dark green. Add to that a design with snowflakes, Christmas trees, “wrestling” reindeer and a suggestive rhyming slogan, and you’re well on the way to claiming the top ugly sweater spot this year.

Blizzard Bay Men's Santa's Relief Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater, Blue/White/Brown/Red, Large Ever wondered about toilet breaks for Santa Claus and his reindeer during their Christmas Eve deliveries? Wonder no more with this hilarious sweater, which will definitely send all the attention in your direction. That’s even without lighting up the falling liquid with the built-in lights.

Alex Stevens Men's Bikini Sasquatch Ugly Christmas Sweater Bikini Sasquatch – need we say more? This 100% cotton sweater sports an all-over snowflake and Christmas tree motif on vibrant green. But there is little doubt about the focal point of the pullover: the Sasquatch figure traipsing over the front, sporting nothing but a bright red bikini and Santa hat. A title contender for sure.

Hybrid Men's Let's Get Lit Sweater While Christmas may dominate our festive list, here’s one for celebrators of Hanukkah. It features a central Menorah surrounded by four dreidels and a border made from the Star of David to finish it off. The gold and white combination on the blue background provides a vibrant display, ensuring plenty of interest coming your way. The “Let’s Get Lit” slogan provides plenty of interest too.

Alex Stevens Men's I Don't Know Margo Ugly Christmas Sweater Borne from a Christmas Classic! Not as visually striking as the rest of the sweaters on our list, but with the melting snowman on the front accompanied by the classic line from <em>National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation</em>, you’ll score endless nostalgia points from generations old enough to remember the movie – and plenty of questions from generations not!

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