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Tying The Knot: The Ultimate SPY Guide for All Things Weddings

* Wedding season is just around the corner
* Read the latest stories for everything weddings
* An informative wedding guide for brides, grooms, guests and more

Whether you’re the excited bride/groom-to-be or have simply been invited as a guest to one (or a few) weddings, we’ve rounded up everything you need to kick off wedding season with a bang. From the craziest bachelor and bachelorette gifts to finding your dream wedding dress for under $200 on Amazon, discover your one-stop shop for all things wedding-related below.


Craziest Bachelor Gifts


If you’re hosting a bachelor party for the groom-to- be in your life, make sure it’s festive. There’s no reason guys from all of the R-rated fun and novelty part favors that bachelorettes get to enjoy. Read on for the 10 craziest bachelor party gifts for the groom-to-be.

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SPY Guide: 10 Crazy Gifts For Your Bachelor Party


How to Wear Your Bridesmaid Dresses IRL


When wedding season comes to a pause, you’ll probably find yourself in the odd position of having a closet full of pricey formal wear and a steep credit card balance. While we can’t help with the debt aspect of your current disposition, the least we can do is help you put all of those dresses you were forced to buy to some good use, with a fresh and non-formal spin for the fall. Read ahead for how to extend the life of your wedding attire.

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SPY Guide: 3 Ways To Wear Your Bridesmaid Dresses IRL


Accessories for a Rustic Summer Wedding


Memorial Day weekend will mark the beginning of wedding season, which typically lasts through September (and sometimes into the fall). Rustic style is a versatile and universally appealing way to theme your bridal decoration and prop planning, and will help give your wedding day a cohesive aesthetic while still looking warm, welcoming and organic. Check out link below for some of our favorite rustic accessories for your big day.

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9 Essential Accessories For a Rustic Summer Wedding


How to Create a Wedding Registry on Amazon


If you’re getting hitched this wedding season, it’s time to start thinking about creating a gift registry for your wedding guests. While some people are hesitant to create a registry out of fear of looking tacky, gift registries are mutually beneficial for you and your guests because they ensure you get what you actually want and/or need to start your new life. While many home and lifestyle retailers have wedding registry programs, we like Amazon’s Wedding Registry. Its one-stop-shop accessibility and bonus perks are pretty hard to beat for a number of reasons. Get more details in link below.

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How to Create Your Wedding Registry on Amazon


How to Dress for Weddings


If the wedding invitations keep coming, and you’re running out of things to wear, don’t just wing it. We’ve got the complete guide to formal attire for men and women. Find out how to dress and shop your favorite looks below.

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How to Dress for Weddings: A Guide to Men’s & Women’s Formal Style


Unique Wedding Gifts


This wedding season avoid the stress and consider giving the bride and groom something more thoughtful than a blender or some bills. According to The Knot, the polite amount to spend on a couple really depends on your relationship to them. In general, they advise to plan on spending about $50-$80 on coworkers and distant relatives, $80-$120 on friends and relatives, and $120-$175 for your closer friends and family members. Follow link below to view some unique ideas for every budget that the bride and groom are sure to love.

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SPY Guide: 10 Unique Wedding Gifts to Give This Season


Alternative Coverings for Unique Wedding Style


With wedding season about to kick off, it’s just about time to find the finishing details for the bridal look. While a white tulle or lace veil is timeless, there are alternatives to be had for those less traditionally inclined, or just looking to make a unique statement when it’s time to walk the aisle. Here, find nine alternatives to the veil that will certainly channel your own unique wedding style.

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Beyond the Veil: 9 Alternative Coverings for Unique Wedding Style


Wedding Dresses on Amazon Under $200


The average cost of a wedding dress in the United States is approximately $1,500. Just because most brides pay thousands for their gowns, doesn’t mean you have to. In fact, Amazon offers dozens of wedding dresses priced under $200.

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SPY Guide: The Best Wedding Dresses to Buy on Amazon Under $200


The Best Foundations to Wear on Your Wedding Day


Reapplying your foundation is not as easy as reapplying your lipstick – it can’t be done discreetly at the dinner table or quickly in the car. Long-lasting foundations are essential for those occasions when reapplying and touching up are unavailable options. Events such as your wedding day, someone else’s wedding or a long night out on the town require makeup with some serious longevity, and we’ve found some great options below in a variety of price points.

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The 6 Best Longwear Foundations to Wear on Your Wedding Day (Or Just a Late Night Out)


ASOS Wedding Collection for Men & Women


If being a one-stop shop for all your outfit and accessory needs wasn’t enough, ASOS is now dabbling into the world of wedding wardrobe, with an affordable bridal collection for both men and women. Just in time for wedding season, the newest category for the retailer launched an accessible and fashionable collection of affordable pieces for brides, grooms, bridesmaids. See some of our favorite pieces in link below.

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The Best Pieces From The ASOS Wedding Collection For Men & Women


Wedding Day Beauty Guide


 If you’re a bride to be, it’s a good time to start thinking about your regime 2-3 months ahead of the big day to ensure you look and feel your best, and to rule out any unexpected disasters. In the link below, you’ll find a three month wedding prep guide to get you feeling confident and looking flawless before your wedding day.

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Wedding Day Countdown: Your 3-Month Beauty Guide


Craziest Bachelorette Gifts


Whether you’re the maid of honor or are simply in charge of planning your bestie’s bachelorette party, there are plenty of girls’ night out themed gifts and party favors to amplify the festive spirit at your bash. Read on to see the 11 craziest bachelorette items you can buy.

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SPY Guide: 11 Crazy Gifts for Your Bachelorette Party