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The Rock’s “Black Adam” Merch Has Arrived, New Releases From DC and Under Armour

In many folks’ eyes (including mind) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is already a superhero. He’s about to become an official one, as his DC movie “Black Adam” is premiering in theaters on October 21st. To celebrate he’s just released two new apparel collections with Under Armour and DC. Just when you think America’s biggest celebrity, BMI and otherwise, can’t get any bigger he becomes a superhero. The best part? The collections are actually pretty cool.

The Rock’s Project Rock collaboration with Under Armour has been around for years, focused on rugged gym wear for men who pay a visit to their own Iron Paradises on a daily basis. (IYKYK) But another thing to love about The Rock is he’s never shy about treating himself, and both of these collections contain pieces we can’t wait to buy.

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Project Rock Black Adam Collection

First up, the Under Armour collection includes go-to gym wear like training shoes, sleeveless hoodies, joggers, sports bras, tank tops and leggings all adorned with Black Adam black and gold.

Some items include just the character’s lightning bolt logo, while others include phrases like “Black Adam Training” and “Anti-Hero.” The collection includes pieces neutral enough to not look tied to a specific fandom and others decked out with all that DC flair mega fans will want.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces from the new release.

Check Out The Entire Project Rock Collection


Men’s Project Rock Black Adam Graphic Short Sleeve

Black Adam t-shirt


Men’s Project Rock Black Adam Sleeveless Hoodie

black adam sleeveless hoodie


Unisex Project Rock 5 Black Adam Training Shoes

Under Armour training shoes


Women’s Project Rock HeatGear Black Adam Ankle Leggings

Black Adam leggings


DC Black Adam Collection

DC’s Black Adam collection is less for the fitness enthusiasts and more for the superhero geeks and those who can’t wait to nerd out over The Rock finally becoming the superhero he deserves to be. It includes more conventional superhero movie merch including statues of him, LED posters, mugs, t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Shop The Entire DC Black Adam Collection

Black Adam Resin 12″ Statue

Black Adam resin statue


Black Adam Light Up Cosplay Mini Backpack

Black Adam mini cosplay backpack


Black Adam Gold Logo Hoodie

Black Adam hoodie