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SPY Guide: The 4 Best Pieces from Dwayne Johnson’s “Project Rock” Collection With Under Armour

* Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson collaborates with Under Armour on clothing line
* All pieces utilize Under Armour’s award-winning exercise technology
* Clothing inspired by The Rock’s hustle and ambition

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the personification of hard work. He is the highest-paid actor in the world right now, headlining a major summer remake, and somehow still finds time to maintain the most impressive physique in the industry. So it’s only fitting that Muscle and Fitness’s “Man of the Century” would collaborate with Under Armour to offer normal people a line of Rock-approved workout gear.

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The Project Rock Collection is Dwayne Johnson’s effort to “help as many of you get after your goals as possible,” by giving us top-notch workout gear. Upgrading your workout gear is a great way to reinvigorate yourself and exercise harder or more often, or motivate you to get that gym membership. Under Armour’s state-of-the-art technologies make the pieces great for any workout, and comfortable at any intensity. More importantly, feeling confidant at the gym is a huge part of reaching your fitness goals, and these pieces from Project Rock will do just that.

1. UA x Project Rock Heat Gear Ankle Capris

The days of leggings being exclusively for yogis are long gone. Today, compression leggings are an essential part of any active person’s workout wardrobe. These are the best you can get, with a skin-like fit, and CoolSwitch, a coating on the inside of the leggings that pulls heat away so you can perform longer and harder while staying comfortable. It also features the same odor-fighting and ventilation technologies as the shirt, so the fabric will wick sweat and stay fresh.

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2. UA x Project Rock Supervent Short-Sleeve Shirt 

A high-performance neutral colored short-sleeve shirt is a staple for gym veterans and beginners alike. This shirt is made of high-quality breathable fabric that wicks sweat and dries fast for your next workout. It also utilizes anti-odor technology to prevent odor build-up over time, and features Armourvent technology for ventilation. This shirt builds on the basic by adding a bold graphic image of the collaboration’s bull logo, elevating the basic tee without being obnoxious. This shirt will provide a huge upgrade from a basic cotton tee, and will perform better than most other workout shirts.

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3. UA x Project Rock Backpack Duffle

A great gym bag is another must-have for travelling to and from the gym. This bag goes the extra mile by acting as a durable travel bag as well. It’s designed with gym gear in mind, featuring washable pockets for shoes or dirty laundry, an accessible water bottle pocket, and a large main compartment. It also utilizes UA Storm technology, making the pack highly water-resistant for hikes or bike rides in any weather. Adjustable straps and maximum padding make it ideal for basic travel as well.

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4. Baywatch UA Storm Jacket

Even if you didn’t make the local lifeguard squad, you can still feel like Dwayne Johnson in his bronzed beach-hero glory with this Baywatch-inspired jacket. It features the signature Baywatch red and blue colors with a zip-up front, and a small Under Armour logo on the shoulder. It’s lightweight, comfortably fit and uses wind and waterproof Storm technology for maximum life-saving (well, weather-proofing) ability. But raunchy comedy ties aside, the pallet, technology and design actually makes this a functional and stylish jacket for outdoor activities.

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