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We Love This: New Under Armour Sportsmask Shirt Comes With a Built-In Face Mask

Although 2021 is not looking much different from 2020 at the moment — in terms of wearing masks, social distancing and working out from home — we are seeing improvements in personal protective equipment. The equipment that provides protection, like face masks for running and N95 masks, are getting better and better. In response to the new reality, Under Armour, a staple in athletic wear and sports gear, has found a way to combine athletic apparel and face masks into a single piece of gear.

A few months ago, we told you about the Under Armour Sportsmask and how it ran laps around the competition. Well, the brand has a new piece in the Sportsmask collection, the Under Armour Mock Neck Shirt. While a workout shirt with a built-in mask might seem odd at first, it’s actually pretty genius.

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Courtesy of Under Armour

Characterized by its use of ColdGear fabric, the Mock Neck Shirt has a built-in Sportsmask that makes running with a mask more efficient and functional. While working out or running, you can quickly lift the mask portion of the shirt up when approaching people or leave it down while you complete your routine. Better yet, keep the mask off while you complete your run, as outdoor activities are generally very low-risk. Then, if you need to pop into a store or want to stop and chat with a friend, pop up the mask for a few minutes.

The comfortable brushed interior of the top features 4-way stretch construction that conforms to your body, while the fast-drying exterior helps to expel sweat and dry quickly. It also features anti-odor technology, which strives to eliminate odor-causing microbes. It comes in six sizes ranging from small-3XL, making it size-inclusive, too.

The Sportsmask portion of the shirt features a structured design that helps the mask sit off the face and lips, enhancing your comfort and breathability. It is water-resistant, and its polyurethane open-cell foam makes it hard for moisture and sweat droplets to pass through the outer shell. The Iso-Chill fabric-lined interior and ear loops are soft and comfortable — at least, compared to most cloth face masks — even during intense workout sessions.

So if you’re looking for a workout shirt that has the duality of function and the protection of a mask, get this one. Your pockets and health will thank you.

UA Sportsmask Mock Long Sleeve

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Under Armour