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Uniqlo’s Newest +J Collection Preps You for Anything

Uniqlo is one of the best clothing retailers around. The brand which began in Japan offers stylish, well-made, and deeply affordable basic to the masses, and manages to craft clothes to fit my comedically tall 6’6″ frame with ease. Yet Uniqlo’s real secret sauce is their collaborations — and their partnership with legendary designer Jil Sander (known as +J) reigns supreme.

In the fashion world, few icons are as well-respect and regarded as Slander; the German designer is the queen of minimalism, capable of crafting pieces that give you a polished look without a ton of extra bells and whistles. The collection between Uniqlo and Slander began back in 2009 but went on a hiatus before returning in 2020. +J also provided a place wherein customers could get access to Slander’s designs for a significantly reduced price, making +J a must-have all around. Now, +J is back for 2021 and with it, continued refinement of what has made it work so well before.

+J Down Oversized Parka

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Uniqlo’s press release positions the 2021 collection as “+J’s idea of the global modern uniform inspires personal dignity and a confident performance as we re-emerge into public life,” which is a fancy way of describing the elevated basics on display. You’ll find standard pieces elevated by their superior construction, like a cashmere turtleneck or lambswool cardigan. Yet the more you look at them, the more you begin to realize just how perfectly executed they are; the cardigan frames your neckline with a symmetry that would make Wes Anderson blush. And look how the blue hue of the turtleneck just so happens to be the absolute right shade. On and on these little details continue; the cashmere hoodie is accented with contrasting detailing on the pockets and zipper to give it just the right amount of character; slightly oversized shirts are crafted with mandarin collars to give it a unique presentation; pants have pleats in the perfect location; on and on it goes.

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+J 2021 has a full range of clothes from oversized parkas down to belts. There’s something you’ll more than likely fall in love with, it’s just a matter of searching the collection to find what it may be. But the collection is meant to work interchangeably with one another, so feel free to look at how Uniqlo has styled pieces and grab a handful of them. Our personal favorite is the Wool Blend Chesterfield Coat with that amazing hoodie and turtleneck. It’s refined and yet a little punk-ish too, straddling the line accordingly.

+J Wool Blend Chesterfield Coat

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Whatever you decide you want, you’ll need to make sure your clicker fingers are ready when the collection hits on November 11, as +J pieces sell out quickly. Whatever you may choose, just know you’re getting your hands on one of the very best collaborations on the market this season.


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