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Uniqlo’s Grand Prix 2017 Spring/Summer Collection Features 90s Era Nintendo Characters

* Japanese retailer Uniqlo launches UT Grand Prix T-Shirt range today
* This t-shirt collection will feature Nintendo themed designs
* The 25 winning designs were hand-picked by Nintendo founder Shigeru Miyamoto

Following their popular KAWS x ‘Peanuts’ UT Collection, Japanese retail giant Uniqlo is launching a new series as a part of their novelty UT Grand Prix T-Shirt range. This time, the t-shirt collection features graphic designs with 90s era Nintendo characters and other related iconography.

The collection was designed by 25 finalists from their UT Collection competition, which drew in a record-breaking 16,000 entries submitted by Nintendo fans, visual artists and designers from around the world. Each of the 25 winning finalists were hand selected by none other than Nintendo’s founding father, Shigeru Miyamoto. The full line of t-shirts is now available for sale both online and in Uniqlo stores worldwide.

The Nintendo-themed graphics include a lineup featuring iconography based on Animal Crossing, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Metroid, Pikmin, Pokémon, Splatoon, Super Mario Bros., Star Fox and The Legend of Zelda. It seems the 90’s are back in a big way, and this collection offers a fun way  to celebrate throwback fashion and reminisce over your favorite teenhood/childhood past time.

Uniqlo Nintendo UTGP 2017 Spring Summer Collection Super Mario Bros. The Legend of Zelda Donkey Kong Animal Crossing Star Fox Kirby Splatoon and Pokémon UTxNintendo - 3818114

The UT Grand Prix T-Shirt contest didn’t just award the 25 winners by using their artwork on the t-shirts, but the prize also included a monetary award of up to $10,000 each and an invitation to attend the awards ceremony in Japan. Uniqlo began the UT Grand Prix T-Shirt competition back in 2005 as a way to encourage individuals to “express the joy and excitement of Nintendo’s games through clothing while also fostering creative talent,” Uniqlo says in a press release.