The 10 Best Pieces From This Japanese Manga T-Shirt Collaboration With Uniqlo

uniqlo shonen weekly jump collection
Image courtesy of Uniqlo

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* Uniqlo just dropped a new collaboration with Weekly Shōnen Jump
* Celebrates the Japanese manga magazine’s 50th anniversary
* Stylish T-shirts for fashion lovers and manga fans alike

Uniqlo is well-known for A+ collaborations with all kinds of brands, and their latest is another homerun.

This time around, Uniqlo has collaborated with Weekly Shōnen Jump, a best-selling Japanese Manga (Japanese comic) magazine. In celebration of the magazine’s 50th anniversary, Uniqlo is releasing 18 special edition T-shirts with Shōnen Jump artwork.

This is exciting for lovers of Japanese comics, as they can finally rep one of the best comic magazines in the world. But it’s also great for fashion lovers, who can upgrade their casual wardrobe with some stylish Japanese-inspired tees

The collection consists of 18 stylish tees, but we think the ten below are exceptionally great purchases.

1. Dragon Ball T-Shirt (Pink)

Dragon Ball is one of the most famous comics ever, but most people don’t know where it came from: Shōnen Jump. Now, you can stylishly rep Goku and party with this tee.

Dragon Ball T-shirt Image courtesy of Uniqlo


2. Dragon Ball T-Shirt (Black)

Another great option for Dragon Ball fans is this black tee. It’s more subtle than the one above, featuring a small graphic on the chest.

Black Dragon Ball Shirt Image courtesy of Uniqlo


3. Hunter x Hunter T-Shirt

We like the use of color on this T-shirt based off Hunter x Hunter, a manga series telling the story of Gon who hopes to become a hunter like his father.

Japanese Manga T-shirt Image courtesy of Uniqlo


4. Hunter X Hunter T-Shirt

The contrasting wisp of hair on this Hunter x Hunter shirt turns a regular white tee into a statement making piece worth of anyone’s wardrobe.

Hunter X Hunter T-Shirt Image courtesy of Uniqlo


5. Naruto T-Shirt

Naruto is another manga mega-hit from Shōnen Jump, and this off-white T-shirt reps the famous comic in a very tasteful way.

Naruto T-Shirt Uniqlo Image courtesy of Uniqlo


6. JUMP 50th T-Shirt T-Shirt

Channel some seriously cool vintage Japanese style with this no-frills Shōnen Jump 50th anniversary T-shirt. Think of it as a Japanese equivalent of a graphic logo T-shirt.

Japanese T-Shirt Shonen Jump Image courtesy of Uniqlo


7. My Hero Academia T-Shirt

The title, “My Hero Academia” is actually a clever play on words. The comic follows Izuku Midoriya, a hard-working student at a school that trains superheroes.

Japanese Comic Book T-shirt Image courtesy of Uniqlo


8. One Piece T-Shirt (Grey)

“One Piece” isn’t very well-known stateside, but it’s a huge comic in Japan. This shirt showcases the comic’s hero, Luffy, who aspires to be the Pirate King.

Grey Uniqlo T-Shirt Image courtesy of Uniqlo


9. One Piece T-Shirt (Black)

Another great “One Piece” t-shirt is this one, showing a frame of the popular comic in a crisp black tee.

Japanese Manga T-Shirt Image courtesy of Uniqlo


10. Yuyu Hakusho T-Shirt

This T-shirt reps the battle manga Yuyu Hakusho, which centers on a high school student who has died and turned into a “Spiritual Detective.”

White T-shirt Japanese Image courtesy of Uniqlo

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