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An Elevated Track Jacket That Will Become Your Go-To This Season

* Lightweight track jacket by Swedish label, Our Legacy
* Funnel neck color and ribbed cuffs
* Asymmetrical design 

Spring and summer call for letting go of your heavier outerwear collection from the past two seasons. But that doesn’t mean you’ll want to pack away  your entire jacket collection. A lightweight zip-up jacket is a versatile layering staple that works well during any season, thanks to vast options of ways to wear it.

If you’re in the market for a lightweight option with a fashionable twist, Our Legacy’s Full Zip Funnel Jacket in bronze is one key piece you’ll want to put into heavy rotation.

Designed in Sweden and manufactured in Portugal, the Full Zip Funnel is made from a smooth jersey blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, offering the lightweight feel of a shirt with the sleek design of a track jacket.

Since launching in 2005 with a line of graphic tees, the Swedish label has quickly evolved into a brand that focuses more on quality and attention to design rather than quantity. Now, the hip label features a well rounded selection of curated staples, created with modern details for a forward, yet subtle aesthetic. Rather than replicating new trends, Our Legacy prefers to reinterpret quintessential designs — like the track jacket — modernizing them for today’s taste and appeal.

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Subtle details like the asymmetrical hem and funnel neck collar offer a nuanced iteration of a classic wardrobe staple. These details incidentally also function to eliminate certain annoyances that come with wearing a track jacket, like the inevitable mid-section fabric bulge that arises when sitting down. Plus, unlike most track jackets, the structural collar won’t limply fold over or look sloppy when worn unzipped.

Inconspicuous details give this simple style an elevated appeal. Banded ribbed cuffs maintain the athletic foundation of the classic track jacket, which is further emphasized by the modern addition of thumb slits. If you’re ready to upgrade your athleisure style to athluxury, this jacket is a great way to jump-start your new look.

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