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Beyond the Veil: 9 Alternative Coverings for Unique Wedding Style

* Fresh new inspiration for the fall wedding season
* Details to make your wedding look unique
* Ideas beyond the traditional veil

With the fall wedding season about to kick off, it’s just about time to find the finishing details for the bridal look. While a white tulle or lace veil is timeless, there are alternatives to be had for those less traditionally inclined, or just looking to make a unique statement when it’s time to walk the aisle. Here, find nine alternatives to the veil that will certainly channel your own unique wedding style.

1. Birdcage Veil

A charmingly vintage style of veil, the rarity of the birdcage makes it utterly modern. The ultra-short style creates a unique proportion to anything you pair it with, be it a white pantsuit à la Biana Jagger or a classic minimal column gown.

[caption id="attachment_70147" align="aligncenter" width="655"]Birdcage Veil Image Courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


2. Flapper-Style Headband

Gatsby-themed wedding or not, a pretty feathered headband worn low on the hairline or straight across the forehead brings a opulent, vintage vibe to any bridal look.


3. Flower Wreath Headband

Give a wink to Mother Nature with a floral wreath headband. Especially fitting for a fall wedding in the country, the beauty of a ring of blooms around the head proves that nature can be your best accessory.


4. Feather and Tulle Fascinator

Since the marriage of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge years ago, fascinators have been making a comeback Stateside. Not quite a hat and not quite a hair accessory, a fascinator will add a lady-like dose of glamour to your daytime wedding look.

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5. Beaded Vine Headpiece

This romantic twist of crystal and pearls is strung on flexible copper wire, so you can weave it into pretty much any hairstyle or wear it with a veil.


6. Pearl and Crystal Headband

Also made from flexible wire, this pear and crystal headband lends a delicate, understated embellishment to your look that’s eye-catching in long hair, but also won’t overwhelm shorter hairstyles.


7. Net and Feather Cage Veil

Bring some old Hollywood glamour to the big day with a net and feather cage veil. Attached combs keep this accessory in place; the lightweight material and short length make this a versatile choice to pair with any dress.


8. Crystal Headband

Sometimes simple is best, like the tubular crystal headband seen here. For the minimalist bride, this adds just the right amount of adornment to a sleek dress. For a maximalist bride, this accessory plays well with all the other elements of her wedding style.

Lazy loaded image
Image Courtesy of Henri Bendel[/caption]


9. Crystal Hairpins

Where you can go with these hairpins is limited only by your imagination. With a short bob, they’re just the right amount of adornment. For long hair, buy a few sets and wear them scattered through a wavy updo. You can also use them to anchor a veil. They’re so pretty, you won’t have to hide them like a standard bobby.

Lazy loaded image
Image Courtesy of Anthropologie[/caption]

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