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This Unisex Linen Robe Lets You Tie One On In Supreme Comfort

* Ultra-soft 100% linen bathrobe
* Tie-front style with two pockets
* Unisex in seven colors

It’s summer — a bit too hot for that fuzzy fleece or thick terry robe, but not too crazy for you to go full-out in your birthday suit either. Lighten up your loungewear with the airy comfort of washed linen, like the one seen here from H&M.

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Despite its fast fashion provenance, this 100% linen robe from H&M has the premium look and feel on par with pricier options. Simply designed, it’s a well-considered minimal classic, with two patch pockets and a tie closure.

The shawl neck is unfussy, as is the relaxed fit and roomy sleeves, cut just short enough that they don’t wind up a hindrance, but long enough for sufficient coverage. Ending just at the knee or mid-calf, depending on your height, the length is enough to ward off the chill of central A/C. Sized in a unisex cut, the seven colors available are spa-like, tranquil hues of white, pale green, light blue, natural flax and the like.

Gently priced at $49.99, it’s a basic to be bought in multiples — for yourself and for the home. Leave a pair in a guest room, stack them in your home spa or pool house for a personal touch your visitors will definitely notice.

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