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This Valextra Card Case Turns a Daily Necessity Into a Luxury

* Made in Italy
* Light blue, grained leather with Costa lacquered edging
* Lined with smooth beige leather

Sometimes it’s the little luxuries that can really make a difference, bringing pleasure to even the most mundane motions of life. So the next time you reach for your credit card, add a dash of glamour to an otherwise routine experience with a fancy little card case, like Valextra’s icy blue leather indulgence.

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Stitched from grained leather, it sheathes your essentials in four slots and a center compartment in high style. The pale pastel textured skin is topped off with the house’s signature Costa black lacquer edging, while the interior is lined with baby smooth beige leather.

For men, paring down to a slim card case is just the solution when a polished look is required; you’ll hardly ruin the line of a sleek suit or create an unsightly lump in an expertly cut jacket. For women, find freedom and a chic way to corral the essentials; a Valextra leather card case hardly takes up real estate in your favorite micro-bag or a sparkly minaudière.

Founded in 1937 by Giovanni Fontana in Milan, Valextra made its mark with top quality craftsmanship and a style that played to its cosmopolitan and moneyed clientele. And we might argue its legacy has lived on because a guy like Giovanni knew that elevating even the tiniest details with artisanal techniques and supreme quality can make the necessary absolutely extraordinary.

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