Vans Celebrates Mickey’s 90th Birthday With This Age-Appropriate Drop

Vans Mickey Mouse Collection
Image courtesy of Zappos

* First created in 1928, Mickey Mouse turns 90 this year
* To celebrate, Disney and Vans have created a line of Mickey Mouse attire
* Vans Old Skool sneakers, slip ons, jackets and more 

2018 marks the 90th birthday of everybody’s favorite cartoon mouse. Ever since Mickey Mouse first appeared on screen in Steamboat Willie back in 1928, the charismatic, little mouse has been finding his way into the hearts of children and adults alike. A seemingly endless number of heartwarming cartoons, timeless films and the 7 Disney theme parks keep Mickey’s popularity as high as ever. And he doesn’t look like he’s aged a day in the last 90 years.

With all this in mind, it only seems right that the occasion should be marked by a number of very special events. One of our favorite commemorations of the mouse is this new Vans collection. Disney and Vans have come together to offer a limited edition line of socks, shoes and clothing celebrate Mickey’s spectacular 90th birthday.

1. Vans Punk Mickey Crew Socks

Although you don’t often see Mickey wearing socks, that doesn’t prevent him from looking great when he’s printed on them. This pair of eye-catching socks features a checkered black and white pattern with additional flames to ensure they’re hard to ignore. On the back side of one sock, you’ll find a portrait of Mickey and on the other, you’ll find his favorite lady friend, Minnie Mouse.  

mickey mouse 90th anniversary collection zappos Image courtesy of Zappos

Vans Punk Mickey Crew Socks



2. Vans Mickey’s 90th Snapback

Cool is the name of the game with this classic snapback hat. The flat-brimmed cap features a black design only broken by a colorful Mickey screen print on the front panel. On that panel, you’ll find Mickey in his coolest attire, including shades and a collared shirt. The stylish mouse is surrounded by the words “The Original” and a note that he was established in 1928. Among mice, Mickey is definitely the O.G.

mickey mouse vans collection hat Image courtesy of Zappos

Vans Mickey’s 90th Snapback



3. Vans Classic Short Sleeve T-Shirt

This Vans classic short-sleeve t-shirt offers a mix of subtlety (from the front) and outright celebration (from the back). The red shirt provides a comfortable fit and is adorned with the Vans logo. It also has the company’s “off the wall” slogan on the front chest area. On the back, however, you’ll find a large picture of “the original” mouse himself, Mr. Mickey Mouse.

vans mickey mouse collection t-shirt Image courtesy of Zappos

Vans Classic Short Sleeve T-Shirt



4. Vans Minnie Boxy Crew Fleece

It may be Mickey’s birthday, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to get all of the attention. This Vans Minnie fleece features the striking white polka dot on red pattern that’s become synonymous with Minnie Mouse. The relaxed fit allows for maximum comfort while the elastic cuffs make it possible to wear the fleece with the sleeves up. Pair it with a polka dot bow to complete the Minnie-inspired look.

vans mickey mouse collection sweater Image courtesy of Zappos

Vans Minnie Boxy Crew Fleece



5. Vans Mickey’s 90th Torrey Jacket

Like the rest of the Vans line, the Torrey Jacket was originally designed for skateboarders who braved every type of weather to visit the skate park. The iconic jacket is water resistant and roomy enough for movement, making it a great choice to bring on trip to an amusement park, like Disney World for example. For this Disney drop, Vans has positively mouse-ified this jacket by adding a thumbs up patch to the front left panel and a large picture of “the original” Mickey Mouse to the back.

vans disney mickey mouse 90th anniversary collection jacket torrey Image courtesy of Zappos

Vans Mickey’s 90th Torrey Jacket



6. Vans Disney Classic Slip-On

This pair of shoes combines classic Disney with classic Vans. The slip-on style shoes feature the trademark sole and sport a background of black and white checkered patterning. On the top side of each shoe are the portraits of Mickey and Minnie. The faces of the cartoon mice are then bordered by colorful flames on the sides of each shoe. 

mickey mouse vans slip on shoes zappos Image courtesy of Zappos

Vans Disney Classic Slip-On



7. Vans Disney Old Skool

You may have never had an official Mouseketeers hat, but now you can wear a replica of the famous hat-turned-mouse-ears on your feet. These Vans Old Skool sneakers feature the Mickey Mouse Club patch on the tongue and stitching to spell Mickey Mouse on the heel. 

mickey mouse vans old skool sneakers Image courtesy of Zappos

Vans Disney Old Skool