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Venus Adds Facial & Bikini Hair Removal Products to its Women’s Assortment

We all know that facial hair isn’t only a men’s thing. Whether it’s light peach fuzz around the face or a thin “mustache” above your upper lip, facial hair can be unsightly and prevent your makeup and skincare products from applying properly. Gillette Venus has now added facial and bikini hair products to their line to address this common beauty issue. Find out more from Women’s Wear Daily, and shop the new items below:

From WWD:
When it comes to shaving, today’s women want many of the same attributes as men — a sturdy, yet attractive shaver handle and an efficient way to remove facial hair.  Gillette Venus conducted a global consumer study that found almost 30 percent of women cite their face as a key area where they choose to remove hair to help them feel their best.

Responding to shopper desires, Gillette is unveiling three new women’s shaving products under its Venus umbrella offering grooming solutions from head to toe, literally. Hitting retailer doors next month are Venus Face Perfection, the brand’s first facial epilation product; Venus Platinum Extra Smooth, a souped up handle that is more than 80 percent metal, and

, a trimmer that handles like a pen.

is a designed to handle like a pen for greater precision and control. It features a 90-degree angle for maximum visibility for hair removal. Venus Bikini Precision has interchangeable heads to trim or remove hair down to a very small level of detail.

“Body hair removal is all-encompassing for many women out there. It could refer to removal of leg hair, hair at the bikini line, underarm hair and even facial hair. Launching these new devices allows us to provide a Venus solution for women for more of the spots where they want to remove hair,” explained Anthony van Dijk, associate brand director, North America Gillette Venus.

Retailers said the spigot has been turned on in the female segment of the shaving category with several innovative shavers and grooming tools set to debut in 2018. “It really is the year when women are taking over shave,” one discounter said. “We think it is good because they aren’t as big of an audience for subscription services.”


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