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These Dior Homme Sunglasses Are an Instant Classic

* Classic tortoiseshell sunglasses
* Made in Italy
* Engraved Dior “CD” logo on temples

Is there anything more annoying than not having your sunglasses with you? Maybe. But as we slowly start to emerge from winter and participate in outdoor activities, like music festivals, you’ll soon remember why leaving the house without a pair is a total buzzkill.

Made from an acetate that resembles the tortoise shell coloring from, well, a tortoise, the Dior Tailoring 1s are an instant classic with updated materials and modern details. A metal bridge connects each tortoiseshell rim with silver mirrored lenses, which provide 100% UV protection. The nose pads are metal and coated in rubber, so they’ll conform to just about any face shape for a perfect fit. Inset metal strips adorn the otherwise all-black temples and Dior’s “CD” logo is engraved near the hinges.

You have multiple pairs of shoes. Maybe you have a handful of suits. And you definitely have more than one shirt, so why would you limit yourself to just one pair of sunglasses?

It is, after all, the type of accessory that doesn’t warrant a lot of attention until you realize you only have one option. So consider the Dior Tailoring 1 tortoiseshell sunglasses from Dior Homme as your next pair of sunnies. Better to be prepared than caught off guard, as they say.

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