The Best Vintage T-Shirts You Can Buy Online in 2022

best vintage t-shirts for men
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

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Vintage T-shirts have long been a popular staple for men, along with flannels and loose-fit jeans. They’re full of style and carry memories of past TV shows, former bands, and even games you used to play as a child. Unfortunately, coming across vintage T-shirts nowadays can be rare if you’re not willing to spend hours in thrift stores or pay resale prices.

Luckily, retailers are cashing in on the vintage T-shirt love by creating new shirts with vintage or pre-worn aesthetics. Not only does this allow you to get your hands on an abundant supply of vintage-style tees, but you’re able to put together that fire outfit that you’ve been working on so diligently.

Much like graphic tees, vintage T-shirts are a symbol that warm weather is here. It’s like the minute the temperature goes above frigid, T-shirts seem to flutter through the air. As for styling a vintage T-shirt, that’s easy. Throw one on over a long-sleeve tee — that style’s back again. Wear it beneath an open flannel, under a blazer or hoodie or by itself, with almost any pants, from chinos to oversized dress pants. A vintage shirt will always come out on top. 

So whether you’re shopping for a new vintage T-shirt for yourself or someone else, scroll through for a trip down memory lane. We promise it’s an experience you won’t forget.


Where Can You Buy Vintage T-Shirts Online?

First, we need to make a distinction between genuine vintage t-shirts and vintage-style t-shirts, which are the primary focus of this piece. As an e-commerce website, it’s rare that we’ll tell readers that they should buy something IRL, but if you’re looking for genuine vintage t-shirts, then your best bet is always going to be your local vintage stores and Goodwill. However, in recent years, vintage t-shirts have become a major style trend, and so it’s never been easier to find vintage-style tees online.

From $500 designer t-shirts to cheap options from Target, there are thousands of vintage band t-shirts and retro designs available right now. We’ve collected our favorite vintage t-shirts for men below, but here are some of our go-to retailers when shopping for these types of shirts.

  • Urban Outfitters – A great place to find vintage band T-shirts in particular
  • Target – Browse hundreds of vintage-style T-shirts inspired by pop culture franchises like Stars Wars and the MCU
  • Cotton On – This Australian retailer has a huge selection of vintage tees
  • Nordstrom – Our favorite place to shop for vintage designer T-shirts
  • Amazon – Looking for vintage MTV t-shirts? How about Coca-Cola? Amazon has a vast collection available at affordable prices.

1. Wu-Tang Clan Outer Space Muscle Tee


In the ’90s, you couldn’t turn on a radio without hearing Wu-Tang Clan. The New York-based group was a huge influence on the old-school hip-hop scene, and practically everyone was a fan. This sleeveless muscle tee features the group’s iconic logo in a space theme background.

Wu-Tang Clan Outer Space Muscle Tee Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


2. Galactic Battle Star Wars Vintage T-Shirts


If you’re a dedicated Target shopper, then you know they have an entire section devoted to pop-culture T-shirts, which includes a ton of vintage T-Shirt designs. The selection is even bigger online, and you can find extended and plus-sizes available for big and tall shoppers.

star wars vintage t-shirts at target Courtesy of Target

3. Land Rover University T-Shirt


You don’t have to drive a Land Rover to rock this vintage tee. This exclusive item is part of PacSun’s new collection with the luxury car brand, and let’s just say it’s a hot commodity. The mustard yellow shirt has a slightly oversized fit with “Land Rover” spelled out in embroidered patch letters. 

Land Rover University T-Shirt Courtesy of PacSun


4. Saint Laurent Felt Logo T-Shirt


Saint Laurent certainly outdid itself with this varsity-inspired shirt for the ultimate vintage piece. The top is designed with classic blue and red rings on the sleeves and blue felt letters spelling out the French brand name. Made in Italy from a blend of cotton and viscose, the shirt is of impeccable quality. As a quick styling tip, pair the tee with some baggy jeans and some white sneakers.

Saint Laurent Felt Logo T-Shirt Courtesy of Nordstrom


5. Star Wars X-Wing 1977 Vintage Retro Graphic T-Shirt


One thing about Star Wars: It has a devoted fan base that will support the movie franchise in any way possible, making this vintage T-shirt a great gift. The double-needle sleeve shirt features a graphic of Star Wars‘ 1977 X-Wing ship. It comes in five colors: slate, cranberry, silver, olive and dark heather.

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Star Wars X-Wing 1977 Vintage Retro Graphic T-Shirt Courtesy of Amazon


6. Cotton On Rolling Stone T-Shirt


Vintage-style T-shirts frequently celebrate legendary rock bands, and this top from Cotton On is a perfect example. The off-white tee captures all of the exuberant energy of the rock band, featuring tongue-out graphics with different country flags on them. It has a boxy fit with a crew neck, making the shirt quite comfy to wear.

Cotton On Rolling Stone T-shirt Courtesy of Cotton On


7. Budweiser By PacSun Genuine T-Shirt


Beer tees are some of the most iconic vintage tees, but they’re hard to come by in the wilds of your local thrift stores. Lucky for you, PacSun has a take on a vintage Budweiser tee that looks like it was in your Dad’s dresser back in the ’70s. It comes in a washed-out green for a pre-worn feel and features the Budweiser logo and classic eagle logo. 

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Budweiser By PacSun Genuine T-Shirt Courtesy of PacSun


8. Tommy Jeans Vintage Circular Back Logo T-Shirt


True vintage T-shirts can be hard to come by, especially if you don’t want to spend your whole day in a thrift store. Fortunately, ASOS offers this shirt with a retro ’90s vibe thanks to the Tommy flag printed on the front in the top right hand and, on the back, a larger Tommy Jeans logo in a circular design.

Tommy Jeans vintage circular back logo t-shirt Courtesy of ASOS


9. Nintendo Super Mario 3 Tee


Super Mario has been massively popular since its initial release in 1985. Of course, the character has changed a bit over the years as technology and graphics improved, but Super Mario has remained an iconic and lovable avatar. This vintage-style cotton tee celebrates all things gaming and Nintendo.

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Nintendo Super Mario 3 Tee Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


10. Coca-Cola Vintage Logo Tee


Vintage T-shirts and soda seemingly go hand in hand when it comes to retro styling. This cotton crew neck tee from Amazon accurately captures that nostalgia via the classic Coca-Cola logo. Straightforward in its appearance, this shirt is perfect for warmer weather.

Coca-Cola Vintage Logo Tee Courtesy of Amazon


11. MTV Beach Island Flamingo Logo Vintage Graphic T-Shirt


This is an officially licensed tee, so you’re getting a vintage T-shirt that’s brand new. MTV was a true pioneer when it came to showcasing our favorite artists’ music videos around the world. Now you can rep the beloved heyday of the cable channel. Reviewers rave about how the tee doesn’t fade and that it holds its shape, even after multiple washes.

MTV Beach Island Flamingo Logo Vintage Graphic T-Shirt Courtesy of Amazon


12. Ripple Junction Schoolhouse Rock T-Shirt


Generations of American kids have grown up singing the songs from Schoolhouse Rock. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just love the graphics of the era, this is a fun vintage-style T-shirt to own. This cotton blend crew neck has the show’s logo and characters framed by the phrase “Knowledge is Power.”

Ripple Junction Schoolhouse Rock T-Shirt Courtesy of Amazon


13. Lucky Training Graphic Tee


Who doesn’t love a good graphic tee, especially when it has a vintage aesthetic? This Lucky Brand T-shirt has a faded training graphic featured on the front, giving it a worn-out vibe. It’ll pair well with just about anything in your closet, so it will definitely be a go-to staple when you’re putting together a cool fit.

Lucky Training Graphic Tee Courtesy of Lucky Brand

14. Playboy April 1973 Cover Stamp T-Shirt


A lot of vintage T-shirts for sale online are inspired by the 70s and 80s, and you can find a huge collection of vintage tees for sale at the new Playboy online apparel store. This shop has surprisingly stylish and on-trend t-shirts, hoodies and accessories inspired by classic Playboy covers.

playboy stamp t-shirt Courtesy of Playboy