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Visor Advisory: The 7 Best Sun Visors for Men and Women

* Stylish visors to keep your eyes and skin sun-free
* Handy for keeping the sun at bay during days at the beach, vacations and hikes
* Clever collapsible designs make them easy to pack

The peak of summer may have passed but it doesn’t mean that the sun has said goodbye forever. You may be experiencing the delights of an Indian summer or heading off on a fall vacation, just make sure you keep the sun at bay with one of these stylish sun visors.

Great for lounging around the pool, playing a few games of tennis or heading out on a hike, these functional sun blockers provide an alternative to sunglasses. You’ll also find that most designs are adjustable and can fit almost every head size. Take a look at our selection and find an attractive and protective answer to the midday blaze.

1. MG Clip On Visor

Available in a range of colors to match any outfit, the GC Clip On is a one-size-fits-most visor. This fashion accessory is ideal for keeping the sun at bay during days by the pool, watching football or even just taking a walk through the park. The flexible clips ensure a snug fit while the cotton build and padding provide comfort throughout.

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2. Simplicity Roll Up Visor

This classy visor is the definition of convenient. With its simple roll-up design, it’s easily kept in your handbag or pocket for when the sun makes an appearance. This stylish shield also comes in a range of different designs to suit everyone’s taste. The velcro back closure will keep the hat on, while the large brim keeps your eyes and skin clear from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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3. Bellady 2-in-1 Beach Sun Hat

This beautiful beach hat gives you twice the hat for the price of one. Not only is the brim circumference impressively large to provide plenty of cover for your face, but the Bellady hat also comes with a foldable cover, giving the wearer the choice of a traditional topless sun visor or a full head-covering hat.  


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4. Cacuss Large Brim Visor

Combining the best features from the realm of head coverings, the Cacuss Brim Visor has it all. This intelligently designed sun-cover features a completely flat-packable design and is made from a quick-drying lycra fabric–ideal for days at the beach. The rim also sports a tie-back closure for better comfort and fitting. The stylish design is available in five different colors so that you to have a hat to match every swimsuit.

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5. San Diego Hat Company Ultrabraid Visor

With its sizable and packing-friendly shape, the San Diego Ultrabraid Visor offers functionality, convenience and style. Whether you’re spending the weekend gardening or heading out for a day at the beach, this beautifully crafted straw hat is made to keep your face free from the sun. It’s outfitted with an an easy-to-use Velcro closure and a stretchy sweatband that will keep you cool.


6. Coolibar Sun Shade Visor

The Coolibar Sun Shade is a playful sun visor that protects the whole of your head from the sun’s rays. This large-brimmed hat is a great accessory for staying comfortable and covered during a tennis game or while hanging out by the pool. It features an internal moisture-wicking sweatband and rear ponytail opening. It’s also rated UPF 50+ and sports a cotton lined crown for easy packing.  

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7. Wallaroo Aqua Sun Visor

Composed of quick-drying fabric, the Wallaroo is a visor made for life by the water. Whether you’re hopping in the pool for a game of polo or hitting the beach for some wave jumping, this action-ready visor is coming with you. The tie-back closure keeps it close to your head, while the 4-inch brim keeps the sun away.

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