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Review: These Vuori Joggers Blew Our Freaking Minds After Wearing Them for Two Weeks Straight

In this Vuori joggers review, SPY Reviews Editor, Anthony Mastracci, wore every style of Vuori joggers for two weeks straight. We wanted to answer a simple question: Are Vuori joggers really that good? Keep reading for our full review of Vuori joggers for men and find out.

If you’re like us, you have around 10 suits and blazers hanging up in your closet that you haven’t worn in forever that might not even fit anymore. “What the heck happened,” you might ask yourself. “I used to love wearing that blue blazer,” you might remember. 

Here’s what happened — in March 2020, when we were all forced to work from home, many Americans admitted to themselves that tailored clothing kind of sucks to wear all the time. Instead, amidst a horrific time in our history, we found physical and emotional comfort in joggers, sweats, hoodies and sneakers. The already rising athleisure market then exploded with this new revelation of the 9-to-5’er. Since then, we’ve been met with some of the greatest new items in tech-based athleisure. 

Where we are right now with athleisure, in a post-lockdown world, with more focus put on design, Vuori is just doing it better, and that’s clear to see in the lineup of Vuori joggers. 

After our first encounter with Vuori joggers, we had to include them in a story as one of the best joggers — well deserved. That got us wondering if the whole collection is also, in a word, dope. So we decided to try the rest to develop a comprehensive Vuori joggers review to find out if they’re the kings of the category. And though there may be a small sticker shock at first, understand that these aren’t just pants to fart around in — this is techwear, and it’s lightyears beyond your sweatpants.

After thorough usage and testing, here’s our review and ranking of Vuori joggers for men.

Anthony Mastracci | SPY
Best Overall

Best For: Those who work from home or come home from work and need to change into their “sigh-of-relief” pants.

Favorite Feature: We loved that these came in a black camo print for extra concealing in a traditionally revealing style

MaterialMid-weight stretch fabric
Length28-inch inseam
FitRelaxed-ish thigh, tapered ankle

The Sunday Performance Jogger from Vuori might be the greatest thing to happen to pants since Levi Strauss. Made from 88% recycled polyester with plain side pockets, two back zipper pockets, and a slim zipper pocket on the thigh, these Vuori joggers have been our favorite to wear for months and even earned a SPY Best of 2022 Award. The sizing is spot on with most of the pants you already own and the taper heading toward the ankle is smoother than Michael Jackson on ice. 

While these Vuori joggers lack the versatility of their counterparts, they more than make up for it with their ride-or-die utility. They match your every motion with their flexibility, they don’t get in the way or bunch up when lounging and they’re an acceptable option to wear if you’re bopping around town. The fabric isn’t thin enough to outline your nasty bits but also not thick enough to trap heat — it’s an ideal medium weight. We also found the thigh zipper pocket great for keeping a car fob safe when running around outside.

Daniel Doperalski | SPY

While all pairs of Vuori joggers we tested scored high in shape retention and motion, the Sunday Performance Jogger edged out the rest with desirability. Let’s just say if Drake tried them, he’d love his bed, his mama, and these Vuori joggers. 

We can’t stress this enough, you will want to wear them all day and all night, fall asleep in them, and repeat; get two pairs. Style with your favorite hoodie and you’re set to binge-watch The Office for the eighth time, walk the dog or play pick-up basketball at the park — exercise, lol.


  • Little-to-no sweating
  • No overstretching or shrinking
  • Useful utility pockets


  • Addicting
  • Logo peeled a little but stopped
Anthony Mastracci | SPY
Most Versatile

Best For: Those with a business-casual dress code at the office who also want a great weekend jogger for white sneakers.

Favorite Feature: The Meta collection’s breathable fabric is perfect for warm weather.

MaterialMid-weight breathable fabric
Length28-inch inseam
FitEnough room in the thigh and seat, tapered ankle

While the Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger might be our top dog, the Meta Jogger is a close second. These Vuori joggers are constructed with the brand’s VersaLife™ fabric, which is a breathable, four-way stretch material that keeps you comfortable even in the warmest conditions. With that said, consider these a fully-fledged three-season pair of pants. 

These joggers fit like a dream. At 5-foot-11 and around 190 pounds, a size large with the Meta Jogger’s standard 28-inch inseam is the look we typically go for when cuffing jeans, except it’s already built in. Standing up straight, the bottom cuff lies flat at the ankle. Sitting down, it comes up about two inches; hardly an issue. The elastic waistband is about two inches tall and very comfortable around the hips and doesn’t slide down the booty. Is that because there is a booty? Remains to be determined, but if you’re lacking in the butt department, there’s a drawstring you can use to secure the pants. Of the four pockets, only the back right has a zipper. That’s a nice touch if your wallet or phone goes in the back left, but of course, ours is the opposite.

The Vuori Meta Jogger outperformed other Vuori joggers in our versatility category. While the Transit Jogger is versatile, as you’ll find out in a moment, the Meta Jogger far is cleaner of a silhouette and will work well anywhere on the scale between weekend casual and business casual. Think of it this way — they’ll look fantastic with either your favorite t-shirt and sneakers or your favorite button-down shirt and a comfortable dress shoe. Although it’s available in six different colors, we insist you start with the black or the dark oregano color.

After passing these Vuori joggers through the laundry and tumble-drying on low as recommended, we think they may have shrunk the slightest bit. Next time, we’re air drying for sure just in case. 


  • Breathable but sturdy fabric
  • Dress-up dress-down versatility
  • Trendy inseam length


  • May be too short for guys over 6-foot-2
  • Might have shrunk slightly (tumble-dried)
Anthony Mastracci | SPY
Best For Travel

Best For: Taller dudes as well as those seeking the ideal balance between lax and casual

Favorite Feature: Aside from the added length, zipper pockets on this type of jogger were a great addition.

MaterialLightweight breathable fabric
Length30.5-inch inseam
FitSlim fit with generous stretch, designed for movement

Whereas the Sunday Performance Jogger is loungewear and the Meta Jogger leans toward business appropriate, the Vuori Transit Jogger falls between these on the “when to wear” scale. 

These are slightly different than other Vuori joggers because they’re designed with a much longer inseam, 2.5 inches to be exact, and, in our opinion, more closely resemble an elevated version of the pants your middle school gym teacher used to wear. Don’t get it wrong — that’s a compliment. True to size, they fit like a slim trouser that doesn’t restrict motion in any way and barely feels like it’s on your lower half.

The Vuori Transit Jogger boasts all of the brand’s core fabric features: moisture-wicking, quick-drying, multi-directional stretch, UPF-30 rating and more. These joggers, however, are incredibly lightweight. These Vuori joggers were designed for those on the go. It’s evident in the pocket design, with its side and right rear pockets, all with zippers for safe holding while in transit. The fabric used is anti-abrasion, which helps prevent accidental rips. 

After wearing these through three different airports with over 10 hours of flight time, as well as on multiple daily errand trips, we’re recommending these for dudes who dedicate their lives to gettin’ shit done. Style these casual-first joggers with SPY’s favorite Madewell sneakers and a cool, do-it-all bomber jacket to make them shine. 


  • Lightweight, barely feel ‘em
  • Each pocket has zipper
  • Longer length, tall-friendly


  • Light grey color “shows wet spots”
  • Bunches at ankle at 5-foot-11
Anthony Mastracci | SPY
Best for Summer

Best For: Dudes who get a little extra sweaty at the gym and anybody living in a warmer climate.

Favorite Feature: The greatest thing about these Vuori joggers is the weight of the fabric — it’s just a necessity when dealing with heat.

MaterialLightweight breathable DreamKnit fabric
Length29-inch inseam
FitRelaxed fit with the utmost stretch, close taper at the ankle

Another lounge-centric pair of Vuori joggers, the Ponto Performance Jogger is the answer for summer activities and generally for guys who sweat a lot in their daily lives.

We’re very keen on the Sunday Performance Jogger, it’s our favorite. But the Ponto is a far better option in the above conditions. These are just a hair longer than the Sunday by an inch, but what we found is that slight extra length provides extra breathing room that promotes comfort when it’s sticky outside. And while both styles are called a relaxed fit by Vuori, the tensile DreamKnit fabric offers a barely-there feel that’s just easier to wear in all regions.

Like the rest, the Ponto Performance Jogger is designed with everything guys want in this type of style: moisture-wicking, abundant stretch, a drawstring, and the list goes on. But, like its thicker counterpart, it’s also made with 89% recycled polyester. That’s great because we need more popular garments to be heading in the direction of sustainable fabrics.

After lounging in these around the apartment for a couple of weeks, taking them to a HIIT class, and wearing them to run football drills alongside a moisture-wicking t-shirt, we’re confident that these would make a wonderful addition to any guy’s collection. The zippers on the side pockets helped secure the lone car key while moving around and again, we can’t stress enough the joy of that free-flowing feeling from the fabric.

Now, we did have two gripes with this style, but you decide if this matters to you. First, at least in the cedar heather color, we could see everything — EVERY-thing down there. If that’s a concern, opt for the darkest color available, which is black. Second, while the stretch factor makes them more comfortable, it’s not the best for carrying stuff in your pockets. Just having the full key ring and phone alone made them sag lower. But even with that, there’s still a place for these in your daily life.


  • The lightest of lightweight joggers
  • Zipper pockets


  • Fabric can’t support much weight in pockets
  • Some colors will show the outline of your thing
Anthony Mastracci | SPY
Best For Outdoors

Best For: The Ripstop Traveler is the best option for adventurers or anybody expecting to get a little dirty.

Favorite Feature: Aside from a personal experience we’ll get into in a moment, the best feature here is the extra room in the knee which does come in handy.

MaterialVery light but sturdy DuraTerra ripstop fabric
Length30-inch inseam
FitRelaxed fit without much stretch, very slight taper

Once upon a time, these were the first pair of Vuori joggers we owned, purchased for a hiking trip to Joshua Tree National Park. We were in dire need of a pair of hiking pants for some light scrambling and picked these up. Long story short, about 15 minutes into our national park adventure, the knee on these pants, the only pair we had, ripped about one inch after wiggling through some rocks. But the story doesn’t end there.

After the trip, we brought them back to the local Vuori store and the salesperson graciously accepted them back as a return. You see, and this was a learning experience for us as well, but “ripstop” material, in which cotton has been woven into a square stitch pattern, doesn’t literally prevent rips — but it “stops” them from getting larger. Kneeless to say (pun intended, arguably forced), it made us look into the brand more because of their incredible customer service.

Cut to today, we tried them a second time because, aside from the rip, these are wicked comfortable. Now, wearing these is unlike any of the other Vuori joggers because the material doesn’t stretch as much and it’s only a little breathable, but hear us out — the DuraTerra ripstop fabric is so hardy and is actually quite protective. With that said, we use these for regular flat hikes, using the metal detector on the beach, and even gardening. We’ve noticed that after getting a little dirty or sandy, it’s very easy to wipe the fabric clean with a towel.

We also just like to wear these because they’ve got a sort of utilitarian vibe going for them and we dig that. If you’re just wearing them for style, they look absolutely fantastic with a pair of white (not true white) or black and white checker slip-on shoes from Vans, a basic t-shirt underneath, a shirt jacket, and a lightweight beanie


  • Sturdiest Vuori joggers
  • 30-inch inseam is a good length for most heights
  • Great for outdoors as well as daily style


  • Does not prevent rips, but that’s wishful thinking to begin with
  • At times, feels like wearing a tarp

How We Reviewed Vuori Joggers

Vuori joggers may be our new favorite style category after weeks of what turned out to be the most comfortable tests we’ve ever conducted. Although we liked aspects of each pair of joggers, we did want to rank them according to what you should prioritize if you’re thinking about copping a pair. Here’s what we looked at: 

Sizing — not all Vuori joggers are cut to the same inseam, so we wanted to see how much of a difference that made in real life and if there might be a “best choice” in terms of a guy’s height.

Material — are they stretchy, breathable and moisture-wicking? A jogger pant prioritizes comfort, which was one of our first deciding factors.

Cleaning Process — after wearing, sweating and dirtying each pair of joggers, we tested how easy each pair is to clean and also…

Shape — after wearing them numerous times and putting them through a laundry cycle, do they maintain their shape and not stretch out or shrink?

Motion — during the numerous activities performed, was motion restricted in any way? We looked into the mobility of each type of fabric.

PEN15 — because of the construction of a jogger pant, you can expect a little bit of “eclipsing,” but just how revealing are each model of Vuori joggers and are some colors better at concealing a bulge?

About the Author

Anthony Mastracci’s fifth goal in life is to find the best-fitting pair of pants. He’s already told the world about the prAna Stretch Zion Slim Pant 2.0 as well as his favorite chinos for men and is in the process of finding the most comfortable pair of jeans for men.

Additionally, he’s helped the world dress better by creating content for SPY as well as his blog, The Next Gentleman, focusing on proper dress shoes, denim jackets, and more dressed-up options like shirts and ties.