Bring The Spa Experience Home With Parachute’s Waffle Weave Slippers

Waffle Weave Slippers
Courtesy Parachute Home

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* Waffle weave cotton slippers with a grippy rubber sole
* Soft, cushiony feel for comfort
* Made using responsible manufacturing methods

Vital to the comforts that make a luxury spa or hotel, well, luxurious, are the personal care touches we’d pilfer if we could – thick, huge, fluffy towels, a cozy terry robe, and of course, a fresh pair of cushy cotton slippers to make you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Well, that feeling can now be replicated, if not possibly surpassed, with Parachute Home’s heavenly waffle weave slippers. A scuff style slip-on, these slippers are made from a textured, cotton waffle material that’s incredibly soft and absorbent. Stepping into a pair, your feet are welcomed by springy, cushiony padding you may never want to take off.

On the flip side, they’re soled with grippy, textured rubber for safe, slip-free wear. The combination of woven cotton upper and rubber sole make them ideal for slipping into after a shower or leisurely bath.

Parachute Home Waffle Slippers

Made by artisans in Turkey – the country that invented the towel – like all Parachute Home products, these slippers were made using responsible manufacturing practices. They’re also Okeo-Tex certified, a designation that assures the textiles used here were made without harmful substances or chemicals. Using the finest Turkish cotton from the Aegean region, they prove you can indulge in a bit of luxury while still doing your part to keep things green. At under $40, you can afford to get a couple pairs — say one for home and one for travel? — as well.

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