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Aquamen, This Divers Watch Goes With Any Suit You Wear (From Scuba to Business)

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Divers are a special breed of sportsmen: data about their underwater surroundings is as important as keeping track of time or rocking a stylish look.

Luckily for diving enthusiasts, Suunto has the ultimate solution, with their Elementum Aqua Divers Watch. On dry land it strikes a stylish note with its chunky, nautical-inspired stainless steel case and flat sapphire crystal face. Once submerged – in as little as two feet of water – it automatically begins to activate a dazzling display of data functions, which are illuminated on an easy-to-read LCD screen.

Everything about the Suunto Elementum Aqua watch is designed to withstand grueling underwater conditions: from its water-resistant (up to 200m/660 feet) and corrosion-resistant stainless steel band, to backlight illumination on the face of the watch, for easy reading at night or in dark conditions. With the ability to operate in a wide range of temperatures (from 14-140 degrees Fahrenheit), this watch keeps pace with even the most active divers.

To access dive logs and important data like depth, maximum depth and other dive functions, all the diver has to do is use the prominent crown, which surrounds the LCD, as a rotating selector to scroll through and instantly review detailed, reliable information. And the internal log tracks an additional 14 previous dives.

Suunto, a Finnish company, handcrafts premium sports watches, instruments and dive computers, and their Elementum Aqua Watch has been a favorite of divers worldwide since 2009. Submerged or on the surface, it combines fashion and function for a watch that goes swimmingly well with any suit – from scuba to business.

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