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Spring Forward Just in Time for Daylight Savings With This Bright Watch

* 40 mm custom solid ceramic case
* Unique watercolor marbled effect
* Stainless steel band with acetate finish

With daylight savings time happening this weekend, we found a stylish watch to celebrate longer days and the gradual progression toward summer. Nixon’s Watercolor Acetate Time Teller watch utilizes the brand’s best-selling medium-sized style and updates it with a watercolor motif option imbued with a spring-appropriate color palette of blue, yellow, and purple. The minimalist design of the watch combined with the glossy, marble-like finish offsets the bold color palette, resulting in a sleek and slick wrist piece.

The type of accessories that one chooses to wear, often speaks volumes about the person wearing them. Watches signify a kind of quiet dignity and composure to one’s personal style, suggesting a depth of character, and, if nothing else, revealing a keen sense of style.

Nixon’s watches are not only effortlessly chic in their appearance, but they are also crafted with high-quality materials, including high-grade stainless steel and ceramics. While style and design are clearly huge considerations for the brand, design and functionality are not sacrificed in the name of fashion. Each watch is designed with superb engineering for comfortable wear. The Time Teller Acetate watch features an adjustable, 3-link wrist band with a double locking clasp closure for added security and comfort.

While sporting this watch during a deep sea diving trip or going surfing is not recommended, this watch is water-resistant, made to withstand rain, water splashes and shallow swimming up to 200 meters. Not only will this unisex watch accommodate a wide range of sartorial tastes, it will also suit a multitude of lifestyles with its durability and clean aesthetic. Whether you’re a busy New Yorker with a 9 to 5, or a freelancer with a passion for the outdoors, this watch will compliment your wardrobe and daily activities anywhere and anytime.

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