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Fall in Forbidden Love With the Lolita Sunglasses by Saint Laurent

* Black acetate frames with gray lenses
* Red heart embellishments at temples
* Darkly romantic style

“It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight,” wrote Vladimir Nabokov in his classic, yet controversial novel Lolita. The same could be said of the Lolita Sunglasses by Saint Laurent.

Crafted from black acetate, these stylish, exaggerated wayfarers are a simple way to add seductive charm to any ensemble. Inspired by Nabokov’s contentious work, the subtle details of the design beautifully capture the morally ambiguous themes found in the book. Rounded edges frustrate the square frames, while gray colored lenses let you see a less-than-clear ethical landscape. Heart embellishments at the temples add just the right amount of sultry accent.

Made in Italy, the oversized black frames compliment any face shape, while the gray lenses are at once subtle and sensual. Wear these shades to a pool party with a solid black bikini and wide-brimmed hat for femme fatale style that conjures images of Hollywood’s seedy underbelly. Or, work them into your street style with dark jeans and stilettos. Pull your hair up and finish the look with a cropped button down.

Finally, pair the Saint Laurent Lolita Sunglasses with a little black dress for every wedding this summer — even the indoor ones. Order them today for a darkly romantic aesthetic throughout the sunny season.

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