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SPY’s Top 5 Men’s Style Finds of the Week: Spring-Ready Sneaks, Comfy Camo Joggers & Rockin’ Cooking Aprons

It’s that time of year again. Mother Nature has been taking us on a wild ride of back-and-forth peaks into spring with treacherous snowstorms looming in the distance. Weather-wise, we haven’t really been able to gauge what’s next.

But now, it’s safe to say it: spring is finally on the horizon. Never have we ever been so excited for allergy season.

Although we’re for the most part still wrapping ourselves in winter fashion, we have to face the facts. Spring is soon. And she’s coming at us quickly.

Because it feels a bit silly to purchase anything winter-related as we head into warmer weather, we’re focusing on spring, baby. The best T-shirts, comfortable lightweight jackets, casual warm-weather sneakers. You name it, if we can wear it in the spring, we want it. That’s just the way the cookie’s crumbling right now.

Week by week, we’re searching the web to seek out the top five style picks for men to wear right now. We’ve got all eyes on the latest fashion trends, most worth-it deals, brand-new drops and weather-appropriate stylings you can rock 365 days a year — ranging from brand-new spring collaborations you can’t miss to stylishly cozy joggers ideal for workouts in transitional seasons.

So, what exactly is on our radar this week? Check ’em out below and get ready to throw together the perfect look now.


1. Todd Snyder Italian Short Sleeve Camp Collar Shirt

Our site director Tim Werth hasn’t stopped obsessing over this Italian Short Sleeve Camp Collar Shirt from Todd Snyder for the past couple of days.

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As summer approaches and we head into the office more and more frequently, it’s smart that we begin looking at work casual tops and pants to strut around the office in. This short-sleeve button-down is an effortless choice that’s perfect for wearing solo once temperatures reach the right degree or under a light bomber jacket until then.

This silhouette is a best-seller at Todd Snyder and we’re sure this updated black, tan and blue vertically-striped version will do just as well. Wear this carefree shirt the whole day through and get a couple of well-deserved head turns from now ’til October.


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Courtesy of Todd Snyder


2. Allen Edmonds Courtside Sneaker

It’s almost about time to pack up all of your favorite boots until next fall. We know, we’re a little upset, too.

But, the best part about packing up your most dapper leather boots is that you can finally trade them out for a casual-looking leather sneaker ready to take on rising temps and sunny skies. Right now, we’re finding all that and more in Allen Edmunds’ Courtside Sneakers, made for elevating whatever you wear head to toe as the weather gets better.

These work-to-weekend wearers are formulated in an all-white consistency with brown leather details to keep you standing out from a sea of white sneakers. They’re fixed with a comfortably roomy fit that doesn’t feel like it will slide off when walking around with the additional ability to match just about whatever.

Ultimately, these sneaks are a warm-weather essential for the tradition into spring 2022.


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Courtesy of Allen Edmonds


3. Stance Primer Jogger

This time of year is a weird time for workout wear. It’s not necessarily warm enough to run outside in your favorite pair of gym shorts, but it’s not the best time for leggings or sweats, either.

Lucky for you, the Stance Primer Joggers hit an ultimate Goldilocks Zone we all crave this time of year in workout clothing. These ultra-soft joggers are made with a premium stretch poly/spandex blend that’s tailored to perfection. Details include a secure smartphone pocket, an extra zippered back pocket and an easy in-or-out drawcord.

Patterns and colors range in a multitude of options so you can pick your poison depending on your favorite. We’re still obsessing over the camo trend that’s been increasing in popularity again over the past couple of years, so obviously, we’re going with the pair below.

Our e-commerce and special projects manager Tyler Schoeber currently has these and wears them to the gym daily. “I don’t know where I’d be without them in my winter-to-spring transitional workouts,” he says, “they just simply make so much sense when on.”


Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Stance


4. Grateful Dead x H&B Blue Tie Dye Essential Apron

Indoor fashion counts as fashion, alright?

For any music-loving chef bopping around the kitchen in a 6-year-old over-stained apron, it’s time to freshen up your look. Sure, aprons might not typically be considered something worth styling up, but why not? Who said you couldn’t?

Protect your good-looking outfit underneath and keep your vibe just as cool at the same time without worrying about unwanted tomato sauce hitting your T-shirt. The apron is dyed in a sky blue and includes those iconic dancing bears assimilated so well with Grateful Dead.

Using 100% twill fabric, this will be an eyecatching grillmaster must-have a few months from now and an adorable at-home wear in the kitchen.


Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Hedley & Bennett


5. Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga Dove 3/4 Sleeve Tee

Alright, fine. We can’t stop talking about the new Yeezy Gap Collection Engineered By Balenciaga. Sorry, not sorry. It’s just way too intentionally aloof and awkwardly iconic.

Each item is so straightforward, which feels exceptionally Kanye when it comes to threads. There’s a darker, Grim Reaper-y component to almost everything in the drop due to the boxy nature and all-black characteristics seen throughout. Each piece gives an almost “I’ve had this shirt since college vibe and I’ve worn it in the pool once or twice so it’s discolored and it’s been stretched out to the point it can no longer stretch out” type of vibe, if you know what we mean.

All in all, it’s something that’s been keeping us up at night. It’s ridiculously camp for almost no reason. Just look at this tee below and see what we mean.

Right now, everything is sold out currently on the official Yeezy Gap website, but you will be able to find some price-gouged options on StockX. Annoying, we know, but this drop is hard to miss out on — it’s one of the coolest spring fashion collaborations of the year.


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Courtesy of StockX