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The Best Places to Buy Really Ugly Christmas Sweaters for the 2022 Holidays

We all know that having an ugly, funny Christmas sweater on hand is essential for getting through the winter season. Whether you’re looking to earn first place in an ugly sweater contest, attend a themed party or want a flawless icebreaker, finding a sweater that matches your style and sense of humor is an important but often difficult task.

But what exactly transforms an ordinarily tacky sweater into an ugly sweater? We’re usually looking for qualities such as:

  • Loud and garish colors that your most embarrassing relative would be proud to rep
  • The more dangly pieces of dangly flair and bedazzling, the better
  • It may not make sense, but nobody can ignore it
  • Puns encouraged

You can always DIY your sweater with plenty of tutorials available, but purchasing one online takes the stress and headache completely out of the equation if you’re not especially crafty. Still, your lack of craftiness may be a pro with this sweater trend, where the uglier your sweater is, the more impressive it becomes. Just hit up your local crafts or dollar store and channel your inner child.

Just like funny Christmas ornaments, there’s a range of hilariously ugly Christmas attire, from sweaters with funny movie quotes to onesies that turn you into a walking, bedazzled Christmas tree. Some shops are trustworthy; others, not so much. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best places to buy ugly Christmas sweaters online in 2022.

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From big box stores to smaller businesses focusing on craftsmanship, we’ve rounded up where to buy ugly Christmas sweaters for the ultimate festive fun. Skip the long lines and crowded stores with our top picks below.


This retail giant is the holy grail when it comes to selection. So if you’re looking for a wide range of options or something super specific, look no further than Amazon, which has a funny ugly Christmas sweater for every personality and body type. For Prime shoppers, you can buy hilarious ugly Christmas sweaters with free shipping and two-day delivery. There are also options for all sensibilities, from slightly tacky to truly WTF.

runner up

Target offers adorable options for your entire family. If you don’t have anything specific in mind but want something whimsical and not excessively inappropriate, consider buying an ugly sweater from Target. They have a chuckle-worthy batch of random Christmas, including nods to everyone’s favorite classic holiday movies such as The Grinch, Home Alone and Elf Christmas sweaters. The ugly sweaters from Target are pretty tame and have a loose definition of “ugly,” so if you’re easily embarrassed and don’t want anything too out there, Target is one of the best places to buy ugly Christmas sweaters this holiday season.

most unique

Etsy has by far the most uniquely designed ugly Christmas sweaters, and when you click purchase, you’re helping to support small businesses worldwide, which is also something to feel good about. Many of the Etsy sweaters in this category are made-to-order or customizable, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s a good idea to search here instead of your typical big box store.

funniest pick

We dare you to scroll through the ugly sweater section of this website and not laugh. Tipsy Elves specializes in holiday apparel for every occasion, so if you’re looking for where to buy ugly Christmas sweaters in 2022, head over to the Christmas section on their website, which is filled with plenty of delightful kitsch that’s inappropriate, decked out in ornaments or garlands, and just straight-up offensive. Ideal if you’re trying to go for a homemade look without it being homemade.

This is your best bet if you aren’t afraid of X-rated holiday sweaters. Tipsy Elves also has a full range of delightfully tacky holiday apparel so that you can buy matching socks, hats, shirts and accessories for your upcoming ugly Christmas sweater parties.


If you don’t want to drop big bucks on something that you’ll only wear a couple of times a year, we get it. And if being frugal is on your mind, check out Walmart and its fantastic holiday offerings, some of which cost less than a sandwich. A solid idea for anyone looking to save money — or if you want to stock up on an entire wardrobe’s worth of ugly Christmas sweaters — we won’t judge! Like the other retailers on our list, Walmart has sections where you can buy ugly Christmas sweaters for men, women and kids. From sweaters that promise to “Make Christmas Great Again” to more traditional fugly sweaters, Walmart has a massive and affordable selection.

trendiest pick

Still on the fence about the ugly part of ugly Christmas sweater? For the more fashion-minded who still want to look debonaire in photos for years to come, consider ASOS, which has a more creative, editorialized take on the ugly sweater. These sweaters are not something you’d find at the back of your grandma’s closet, but they are a good choice if you need to look trendy for a classy Christmas event.

best vintage pick

If you prefer to repurpose gently used clothing rather than buying new items, check out this vintage clothing store titled the Ugly Sweater Store, which has hundreds of pages of authentic ugly sweaters for practically any occasion — including every hideous Christmas sweater. They hit a wide range of price points (around $20-$90) and have classic pullover styles, button-ups and zippered cardigans.


While their regular ugly Christmas sweaters are worth a look (yoga Santa, anyone?), these unusual NFL, NHL and NCAA sweaters by Ugly Christmas Sweater Party check the boxes of loud and bright while letting you declare your super fan status in an out-of-the-box way. These sports team-themed sweaters are made of a woven acrylic blend, not printed on sweatshirts, so they can withstand multiple washes without looking faded.


More than a decade ago, you probably got some clothes from here when you were going through your emo or punk phase. But today, Hot Topic sells so much more, making it an incredibly entertaining destination to find ugly Christmas sweaters. Selling options from Disney, Marvel and more, they’re the most popular choice for a themed buy or anything related to movies and TV. T-shirts are also available as a more lightweight alternative. 

edgiest pick

Here are two things you probably didn’t know: Shein sells a full line of clothing for men, and they’re also a secret treasure trove for those unsure of where to buy ugly Christmas sweaters. They carry tons of uniquely ugly sweaters, from hip Santas wearing chains to doggie-themed sweaters, you can find these garments in all kinds of silhouettes including button-down cardigans. Like Dolls Kill, they also sell some skull and bone choices for a less wholesome take, making them the best place to find ugly Christmas sweaters in terms of the many diverse choices to choose from. 


With choices for men, women and kids, you don’t have to wonder where to buy children’s ugly Christmas sweaters this year. They even have Big & Tall sweaters, making this one of the most inclusive places to buy ugly Christmas sweaters. From pop culture options to these adorable giraffes hanging out in some festive gear, they also sell ugly Christmas tees and suits if you’re looking for something a little different this holiday season. And honestly, who doesn’t want a Christmas blazer?

best for anime lovers

If anime is your religion, Crunchy Roll’s store is the best place to find ugly Christmas sweaters. From Naruto to Attack on Titan, they have plenty of holiday sweaters for either you or the anime lover in your life. They’re also offered in unusual colorways like olive green and cram, but you can also find your classic red and white colors as seen in this Naruto Shippuden sweater. Quality is described as “soft and beautiful” by a Crunchyroll reviewer.


When everybody else in the family is getting their ugly on, it’s not fair to forget Fido! If you’re wondering where to buy ugly Christmas sweaters for your pup and also want to rep your favorite sports team, consider this sweater. For the ultimate matching photo opportunity, buy a set of matching holiday pajamas that you can wear on game day.  From the Giants to the Patriots, they’re sure to find an option that works for you. Also makes a great gift for your loved one’s fur babies, if you don’t have a pet.  

honorable mention

With over 100 gloriously ugly options for you and all your loved ones, there are tons of options here, so you don’t have to scramble last minute wondering where to buy ugly Christmas sweaters in 2022. From naughty Santa-themed jumpers to a virtual fireplace smart sweater. These are some of the most unique modern options on the market that you won’t find anywhere else. They might even have you winning that Ugly Christmas Sweater contest. Best of all, these one-of-a-kind, conversation-starting sweaters all cost less than $50, with the exception of a couple of sweaters, making them a frugal purchase that you’ll want to wear all year long.

best for geeks

If you’re wondering where to buy ugly Christmas sweaters for your specific brand of geekdom, Merchoid is the ultimate destination. Whether your obsession is Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars or Game of Thrones themed, Marchoid has your back with the finest ugly Christmas sweaters for nerds or anyone obsessed with a certain TV show or movie franchise. One of the best options for themed sweaters, Merchoid is actually the official merch store for Star Wars, Nintendo, Marvel and DC. Channel your inner superhero, Yoda or Ravenclaw pride with one of these high-quality acrylic sweaters with sharp graphics — multiple customers ensure that they’re cozy and never scratchy on bare skin.

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