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Hanukkah Gift: A Cashmere Set That Lets You Travel in Style

* Soft, breathable cashmere 
* Versatile and sophisticated
* Perfect traveling accessory 

So often we’re unprepared when traversing through new and unusual territory. We remembered the water bottles but forgot the map, or we don’t have the right charger converter. It’s always the little yet oh-so-important things. A scarf is one of those must-have items on our packing list. Comfortable and cozy, it acts as both a fashionable accessory and a piece of clothing to keep us warm. That’s why White + Warren’s latest cashmere travel set is a must-have in your suitcase.

Silky like a puppy yet strong with durable fibers, this scarf/shawl/snood/mini-blanket hybrid is guaranteed to keep you feeling special, distinctive and warm, no matter where you are. Made from 100% cashmere, the scarf’s glowing camel tone compliments any outfit, whether it be an outdoorsy get-up or business garb. Never worry about packing multiple shawls and scarfs, when White + Warren’s versatile scarf is literally the only one you’ll need.

The set comes with a handy matching eye mask that’s also made with cashmere. It’s easy to adjust and perfect for long flights and car rides. With this scarf and eye mask combo, you’ll be relaxing away your travel stress in soft, luxurious goodness.

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