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Be Yacht Ready With the MAIR Regal White and Gold Scarf

* 100 percent silk twill
* Made in Lake Como, Italy
* Hand-rolled hem

We all need that classy, timeless scarf for those special events. Black tie or not, a silk scarf can always make your ensemble complete.

The perfume label, MAIR, has launched its first foray into accessories with the new “Regal” scarf. Made in Lake Como from 100 percent Italian silk, each hem is crafted using a hand-roll technique. The designs are inspired by romance and nostalgia, and digitally-printed on the high-grade silk.

Rendered in a bold and curved white and gold pattern, the silk scarf is a classic piece that goes great with any solid color dress, preppy slacks, or bohemian blouse.

Houston-native Mair Emenogu started MAIR after a colleague mentioned to her that her signature would look perfect on a perfume bottle. For three years, Emenogu fantasized about making her own perfume. In October 2015, she finally got to business and launched her brand.  The scarf line launched last month.

“The Regal scarf is inspired by the theme of memories,” says Emenogu. “I chose silk because it’s a versatile material and lightweight for women who live in warmer climates. The characteristic of the type of silk used in creating the Regal scarf gets softer over time, making it a great investment piece.”

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