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Just in Time For Summer, A Stylish and Cool Linen Button-Up From Theory

* Perfect for the pool or a night out
* Lightweight and airy
* Made from an Italian linen

With Memorial Day Weekend already a distant memory, it’s time to look forward to many more sunny weekends by the pool, at the beach, or simply spent relaxing wherever and whenever. And as we steadily march towards July and August, the temperatures will inevitably start to climb and that can mean only one thing: less layers.

So consider Theory’s Havana Camp-Collar Check Shirt, a vintage-like crisp, white, linen, button-up that was crafted with warm summer days and nights in mind. While a variety of fabrics and styles of shirt are available to keep you cool and dry during hot weather days, nothing ensures cooler vibes than linen. After all, it’s one of few fabrics with a structure that keeps itself away from the body, allowing for more airflow.

The Havana’s lay-down collar and subtle check print are reminiscent of the guayabera, a typical men’s dress shirt worn in warmer climates, like those found throughout Africa, Central America and Asia. While the look and feel of the Havana was undeniably inspired by the guayabera, it differs in a number of ways, like the lack of additional pockets or vertical pleats. Which makes this one from Theory more versatile when it comes to where and when it can be worn.

So whether you’re wearing it for a night out or just need something light to wear to the beach, Theory’s Havana Camp-Collar Check Shirt has you covered.

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