Hair Scare: 11 Wigs For an Instant Halloween Costume

Easy Wig Costume ideas
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* A wig can change your entire look without spending a lot of money
* If you’ve procrastinated or just want something easy, these wigs will make your costume
* Ideas for men and women

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you’re the procrastinating type or are just simply too busy to create an elaborate costume, consider a simpler option: wigs.

Wigs transform your look instantly, and depending on the costume you’re going for, may complete the look altogether. Here are the best wigs for a super easy Halloween costume that won’t require you to put in much effort towards the rest of your look.

1. Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is one the easiest and perhaps most recognizable musicians to dress up as for Halloween–but the wig is an essential element that will make or break your costume. The country star’s signature braid and bandanna combo only requires a beat-up t-shirt and some jeans to top it off. You’ll earn bonus points for carrying around a guitar.

willie nelson wig amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Donald Trump

Even before he became the president, Trump’s infamous comb-over was–other than his tangerine glow–his physical signature. The costume has never been more timely, and all it requires is a suit to match. If you want to go the extra mile, dust on some orange-toned bronzer, pair it with a red tie, and post some scathing tweets to your Twitter account through the evening.

Donald trump wig costume Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Jack Sparrow

The Pirates of The Caribbean’s Captain Jack Sparrow certainly sports an elaborate ensemble in the movies, but re-creating the pirate look is surprisingly easy. If you’re wearing this wig, it’s a dead giveaway from the get-go, but we suggest taking the extra steps and styling it with some ragged clothing and black kohl eyeliner.

Pirates of the Caribbean wig amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Charlotte (Lost in Translation)

Perhaps one of the most low-maintenance costumes you can find, dressing up as Charlotte from Lost in Translation‘s final few scenes only requires a little black dress and a pale pink bob wig to achieve the look convincingly. While having Bill Murray at your side would be the icing on the cake, fans of the Oscar-winning film will be impressed by your effortless costume nonetheless.

Lost in Translation wig amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Baby Spice

If you were born after the 90s, you may or may not recognize this hairstyle. Baby Spice was one of the Spice Girls that every teenage girl wanted to be. All this wig requires to complete the costume is a pastel mini dress, a pair of platform heels, and some baby pink lipstick.

Baby spice girl wig amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Marge Simpson

The wig really does say it all when it comes to re-creating Marge Simpson’s look. There’s no other character in television or film with the same bright blue beehive–it’s a distinctive pop culture reference, and it’s also a costume that won’t prompt a guessing game from any your friends, regardless of what else you’re wearing. Pair it with a green tube dress and red shoes and you’ll look like you just stepped straight out of Springfield.

marge simpson costume wig Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s signature blonde bob is such a dead giveaway, you won’t even have to explain “what happened,” with your costume all night long. All you need is a powersuit is complete the look, some good posture, and maybe even a shimmy or two to make a convincing Clinton.

Hilary clinton custome wig amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


8. The Dude

Just like The Dude’s sartorial preferences in The Big Lebowski, this low-key costume only requires a wig and some sloppy clothes to make it complete. Throw on a dingy bathrobe over a wife beater and basketball shorts, or go for sloppy-chic and slop on a grandpa cardigan and some relaxed sweats. Extra bonus point for ordering a White Russian or going bowling on the big night.

The Big Lebowski costume wig Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Mia Wallace

There’s a reason that this classic movie costume has become a Halloween go-to for the last decade. Pulp Fiction’s sultry Mia Wallace merely requires nothing but a black bob wig, and a few wardrobe essentials you probably already have in your closet. Throw on some red lipstick, a white button down, and some black chinos and you’ll look the part immediately. This wig’s also versatile enough to re-create other costumes for next year.

Mia Wallace pulp fiction wig amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Kylie Jenner

It’s hard to keep up with chameleon Kylie Jenner’s ever-changing hair looks. But her rooty, mint green ‘do was one of her most well-known. Dress up as the youngest Jenner (pre-pregnancy) and pair it with a bodycon dress or sporty tracksuit. For the costume’s makeup, don’t neglect your lips–we’re not suggesting you follow in her footsteps with injections, but we have a few good ideas for enhancing your pout here.

Kylie Jenner costume wig amazon Image courtesy of Amazon



11. Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez, the mad scientist grandfather from Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, has one of the most distinctive hairdos in cartoon history. A white lab coat, aqua shirt, and some olive chinos would give you the exact look, but the wig truly speaks for itself. Make the costume even more detailed  by carrying around a flask or bottle of liquor.

Rick and morty costume wig Image courtesy of Amazon