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Checks, Please: Get Cozy in Woolrich’s Winter Lodge Poncho

Ponchos have made a comeback. Why are we fans? A few reasons. We like them because they’re fun to wear, add a pop of color to any outfit, and if we’re lucky, they’re as soft, cozy, and colorful as Woolrich’s Winter Lodge Poncho.

What makes this poncho special? First, it’s from Woolrich, the outdoor clothing company that’s most famous for its wool blanket (first made during the Civil War). Don’t know Woolrich? You should. Here’s some interesting history about the company.

Woolrich was founded in 1830 by Englishman John Rich, who started his first woolen mill in Plum Run, Pennsylvania, traveling to nearby farms and lumber yards, selling his wool fabrics, socks, coverlets, and yarn from his mule cart.

In 1845, he built a second mill that’s still standing and is part of the community at Woolrich, PA.  Five years later, he introduced their iconic buffalo check shirt that’s still worn today (see Williamsburg, Brooklyn). By the early 1900s Woolrich began to produce clothing for the emergent middle class, and never stopped innovating. In the late 60’s they introduced their Chamois Shirt, another icon of the brand.

Now that you know the brand, let’s get into the poncho. It’s made from a soft wool blend, so it’s never itchy. It’s a generous 25-inches wide and 70-inches long. It’s a variation on their famous buffalo check (see history above), which makes us love it even more. It’s versatile and can be worn two ways: open, like a wrap, or buttoned up, like a poncho.

Bonus: the poncho is priced under $40 on Amazon, an amazing value when you consider how much quality, softness, and history is woven right into it.

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