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This Season, Cue The Culottes

* Fashion-forward, figure-flattering pants
* Airy, breathable silhouette
* Limited edition collaboration with Ines de la Fressange

Spring is the season where new things are in bloom, whether you’re planting flowers in your yard or seeking fresh inspiration for your wardrobe. This season, we recommend upgrading your pants from drab denim to cute culottes.

A term used to describe trousers that are cut to resemble a skirt, culottes first gained popularity during the Victorian era, when aristocratic women would don the loose, split skirts to ride a horse. In modern days, culottes have been associated with a certain French-inspired way of dressing; a mixing of masculine and feminine motifs that is at once comfortable and chic.

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We spotted these pretty culottes from Uniqlo’s collaboration with world-famous model and designer Ines de la Fressange. Made from a breathable rayon with an airy silhouette, these pants immediately transform and elevate any look, from slouchy to sophisticated.

These culottes button up discreetly at the top, cinching in slightly at the waist before cascading into a wide, skirt-like shape. Two slit pockets sit at the hip. Though many women mistake culottes for being “baggy and saggy,” the opposite effect holds true. By skimming the pants away from the hips and keeping it loose around the thighs, culottes help to slim your shape and draw the eyeline to your ankles – always the skinniest part of your frame.

Ines de la Fressange is a global fashion icon, named to numerous best-dressed lists and renowned for her elegant, effortless sense of style. These culottes are part of her limited-edition collaboration with Uniqlo. For under 40 dollars, they’re a steal. They also won’t be around for long, so embrace the new season and the culottes trend this spring. There’s a lot of culottes to love.

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