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From The Women’s March To The Office: Belt Bags Are Back

* Jane Fonda sported a belt bag to the Women’s March in L.A.
* Belt bags store the essentials and keep your hands free
* Deters theft by pickpockets and purse snatchers

You can’t win a fight with a purse in your hand. So Hollywood legend and feminist icon Jane Fonda set down her satchel and strapped on a belt bag (a.k.a. “fanny pack”) for the women’s march in Downtown Los Angeles on January 21.

While traditionally scorned as the telltale sign of a tourist, belt bags are making a comeback, especially when it comes to music festivals and, in this case, street demonstrations.

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Keynote speaker Jane Fonda poses for a photo with fellow actresses Natalie Portman and Jennifer Grey at the Women’s March in downtown Los Angeles.

Fonda chose a simple black nylon pouch, but for more versatile styling options, choose a belt bag made with unique materials, interesting texture and detailed adornments, like these three that we spied, below:

When practicality is paramount, nothing comes close to a belt bag. You can carry everything you need while having your hands free to greet friends or keep hold of small children. Plus purse snatchers will find much more difficulty in stealing a belt bag from your waist than a satchel from your shoulder.

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