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Look Cool and Stay Warm in Schott’s Quilted Leather Motorcycle Jacket

* Essential quilted leather moto jacket – a cold weather must-have
* From legendary motorcycle jacket company Schott
* Crafted from butter-soft lambskin

Every woman must have a classic leather jacket in her wardrobe, and this Quilted Café Jacket from Schott is a cold weather essential. Handcrafted from imported, drum-dyed lambskin and featuring an asymmetrical pocket and a quilted design, it’s a totally fresh take on the iconic, cropped moto jacket.

What makes it an especially hot item for winter wear is the warm quilted lining, which also gives the jacket an interesting, updated look. Three zipped pockets keep your valuables safe and sound. Schott’s Quilted Café Jacket is totally versatile; pair it with jeans and booties for a casual daytime look. Dress it up for sexy evenings out with a long pencil skirt and boots.

Schott leather jackets are a true-blue piece of Americana. The original bomber jacket manufacturer has been hand producing their iconic looks for more than 100 years. The preferred leather jacket for countless purveyors of cool — from James Dean and Iggy Pop to Joan Jett and Rihanna — Schott NYC is still family-owned and run, handcrafting their legendary leather finery in the U.S.A.

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