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A Tote-ally Fresh Start For The New Year

* Durable and sturdy, with rubber feet on bottom for extra stability
* The perfect carryall for all your daily essentials
* Chic, soft, full-grain leather and suede

For women on the go, your bag is your life, carrying everything you need to roll from dawn until night. The well-equipped woman knows that a tote bag satisfies all the requirements of fashion and function, and what better time than the New Year to go out with the old and in with the new? Retire your well-worn purse and replace it with this timeless full-grain leather and suede tote from Sorel.

Featuring an open top for easy access, three pockets on the inside and three rubber chevron feet on the bottom of the bag, Sorel thoughtfully designed this tote to accommodate and organize everything from a laptop computer to your phone, wallet, makeup, keys and other daily essentials.

Styled in timeless “quarry” gray with black full-grain leather bottom and straps, the Sorel Tote coordinates beautifully with almost any outfit. Wear it slung over your shoulder for a casual yet well-appointed look. Or grab it by the handles and toss it in your car as a go-to weekend bag for errands or impromptu getaways.

Sorel, a Canadian company founded in 1962, brings its heritage of expert craftsmanship to all of its products, using only the finest, most durable materials for a look that’s equal parts rugged and refined.

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