Keep Your Expensive Clothes in Tact by Adding These Sturdy Wooden Hangers to Your Closet

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Organizing your closet is a generally overlooked item on the home improvement to-do list. And for good reason, the majority of house guests will never stumble into your closet. But that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked! In fact, choosing to ignore your closet completely can harm the expensive garments you hang there, which is why we make it a priority.

One easy way to start getting your closet in order is by doing a simple hanger swap. Incorporating new hangers can not only change the look of your closet but can also help maintain the lifespan of your clothes. We have chosen wooden hangers as a great way to start your closet upgrade as they have numerous benefits including durability, providing the ultimate support to your clothing and giving an elegant look to your closet.

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The wooden hangers below are made to support your heftier clothing options and have a contoured, wide shoulder design that imitates the human shape, thus helping retain the integrity of your clothing. Other benefits include space-saving versatility with their strong, non-slip pant bar that allows you to hang a heavy suit jacket and matching slacks all on one hanger and extra-thick hanging hooks that rotate 360 degrees for easy, everyday viewing.

Chantel Keona
9 months
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1. Topia Wooden Hanger Set

The Hanger Set by Topia comes with six premium wooden coat hangers in a luxe mahogany finish. Each hanger is fitted with a straight bar for hanging pants or whatever garment needs the anti-slip treatment, and all hangers are assembled with heavy-duty screws, allowing them to support even the heaviest of coats or suits. The wide shoulder design of these hangers provides ample support to your clothes, keeping them in good shape while extra-thick, rotating hooks make them extra durable.

Pros: These hangers are not only precisely polished but their glossy finish comes from environmentally-friendly paint.

Cons: Although they are made for a wide variety of suiting, these hangers may not be ideal for smaller sized suits.

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2. Zober Wooden Suit Hangers

The set of 20 premium Lotus Suit Hangers by Zober are made of exceptional quality, clear varnished wood that was sourced from lotus trees in China. Lotus trees are known for their resilience which leads to an incredibly durable hanger that can withstand the weight of heavy garments. These hangers have contoured shoulders that imitate the human shape closely, thus retaining the integrity of your clothing and keeping shoulder bulges from appearing. Lastly, they have a reinforced pant bar and a 360-degree swivel stainless steel hook that allows you to hang the hangers from any angle.

Pros: The wood on these hangers is sanded down thoroughly for a splinter-free and smooth-to-the-touch experience.

Cons: These hangers may not be ideal for more delicate fabrics.

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3. Topline Classic Wood Shirt Hangers

Topline’s Classic Wood Shirt Hangers come in a pack of 10 mahogany-finished wooden hangers. Manufactured from sustainable wood, these hangers come complete with a rotating 360-degree hook, carved, non-slip notches for increased functionality and strong construction that will hold even the heaviest of winter coats. All-natural and eco-friendly, these hangers will complement and complete any closet and have an affordable price point that allows for multiple purchases.

Pros: These hangers are available in four other color options to match any decor.

Cons: These hangers may be slightly rough upon receipt.

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