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Weekend Debrief: The 5 Most Popular Style Stories Of The Week

* Solid wardrobe staples from our favorite go-to online site
* Cruelty-free beauty brands to shop from for World Vegan Month
* Easy hacks to hide grey hair at home

November is World Vegan Month, and we’re marking the occasion by highlighting some of our favorite clean beauty brands. These are makeup and skin care brands that don’t test on animals, and only use natural ingredients. The best part: we’ve tried many of these brands and they deliver real results too.

Also this weekend, we’re telling you about one of our favorite sites to shop online for chic, refined basics that will become your go-to pieces for fall and winter. Look smarter, more elevated and more put together without spending a ton of money. Ready to shop? Let’s go.

1. We Found 6 Pairs of Sunglasses For Fall Under $30

Although sunglasses are a summer staple, they’re also essential during the cold seasons. Rain-soaked streets, snow, and cloud coverage make harmful UV rays and glare more intense, which means you’ll need to protect yourself with some cool shades.

But before you splash out on a new pair of sunglasses, take a look at these highly affordable, stylish frames from Privé Revaux. The company was launched with the help of a celebrity team including Jamie Foxx, Hailee Steinfeld, and Ashley Benson, offering modern frames with premium polarized lenses. Check out some of our favorites for under $30.

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Image courtesy of Privé Revaux[/caption]

The Best Fall Sunglasses Under $30


2. The 9 Vegan and Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands You Need To Know About

Natural and organic beauty products are making a big splash in the beauty world and are better than ever. The formulas are more innovative, the packaging is chic and most importantly they are good for your skin and the environment.

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Big companies like Nordstrom and Sephora have also gotten in on the trend with their online “mini-shops” dedicated to all natural beauty and wellness. And there are a ton of independent brands making some moves in this sector too. We have highlighted some great vegan and cruelty-free beauty brands below that will not only make you and your skin look great, but you can feel confident wearing.

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The Best Vegan Beauty Brands To Know Right Now


3. SPY Tip: 5 Ways To Hide Grey Hair Without Going To The Salon

Pluck. Pluck. Goose. Isn’t that the game we play when we see those grey hairs popping up? Unfortunately, our hair growth isn’t on the same schedule as our hair stylist. But on the plus side, we have several ways to keep those greys away. So, go ahead and put off that salon trip a little longer. We’ve got you covered. 

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How To Hide Grey Hair Without Dyeing It


4. The 6 Best Staples To Get From Everlane

For wardrobe staples that will last decades, there’s no better brand to shop than Everlane. This clothing company makes quality clothes using radical transparency. Let us explain what that means.

First and foremost, Everlane is dedicated to making clothes using an ethical approach. All Everlane factories around the world must pass a test concerning fair wages, reasonable hours and environment. In addition, for every product you buy on the Everlane website, you can see where it was made and read a brief introduction to the factory.

In addition, the modern company doesn’t hide the manufacturer’s cost. For each item, you can see exactly how much the company paid to have that product made. Compare this to the retail price and you’ll notice a markup of 200 to 300%. That’s far less than the average markup of five to six times the manufacturing cost.

But this ethical approach is all just a bonus when you consider the quality of Everlane clothing. Not a brand to be particularly influenced by fashion, Everlane pieces will remain in your closet for decades. They match with practically everything and each item can be used for a variety of occasions, from lounging around the house to a night out with friends. These six Everlane staples might cost a bit more than your average sweater, purse or boots, but you can feel good about how they’re made, and you’ll wear them forever.

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Image courtesy of Everlane[/caption]

The 6 Essential Pieces To Get From Everlane


5. Weekend Deal: Take 60% Off Designer Michael Kors Bags

Backpacks have officially graduated from traveler-slash-student essential to statement-making accessory. They now contend with purses as a go-to daily bag, and in some cases, they take the cake for most stylish.

If you’re looking to rock a backpack at the office or around town, check out these chic Michael Kors backpacks. They nail the new backpack look, and right now they’re heavily discounted at Macy’s for 60% off. The designer bags normally sell for $268 and $348, but today they’re going for just $105 and $137.

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Image courtesy of Macy’s[/caption]

Score a Deal at This Michael Kors Sale