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If You Can’t Get The Yeezys, This is The Best Alternative

* NMD R1 challenges the Yeezy as the best modern Adidas sneaker
* Made with Primeknit material for a lightweight, breathable feel
* Designed for a modern lifestyle with boost technology

Kanye West’s Yeezys continue to be the biggest footwear craze we’ve seen in years, making them not only covet-worthy, but also impossible to get. Unless you’re as fast as the robots programmed to buy Yeezys the millisecond they’re released, you’re gonna have to shell out thousands on eBay.

Luckily, Adidas offers a great alternative: the NMD Primeknit. These NMD R1 Primeknits are a high-end premium sneaker with the same hyper-modern attractiveness as the Yeezys, for a fraction of the price. They will satisfy any (understandable) athleisure footwear craving, and allow for real-life wearability. In other words: they’re cool enough to collect, but they’re also meant to be worn out on the streets, too.

This variation of the NMD, the R1 Primeknit in grey, white and black, has the quintessential look of a modern trainer. The shoes feature a digital camo upper and white rubber soles with the signature NMD shape and details.

The model also comes in a limited-edition “linen khaki” and off-white colorway (seen below), which is a fresh take on the stark white or all-black options you already own.

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Photos courtesy Adidas/Foot Action[/caption]

The R1 Primeknit fits snug on the foot and provide the fresh athleticism that has driven the sneaker market lately. They’re made of flexible, breathable Primeknit material with a neoprene X overlay and a textile lining for comfort. They also use Adidas’ award-winning “Boost” technology for real performance, should you need it.

If you can’t — or don’t want — the Yeezys, this is your next best alternative. Get the streamlined look and the performance elements on the Yeezy Boost, without having to wait in line — or online.

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