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These (Surprisingly Affordable) Yeezy Slides Are Perfect for Wearing During Quarantine

Finding the perfect shoe for wearing around the house is a bit trickier than it should be. Sure, slippers are a solid bet but in the spring and summer they can quickly become too toasty for comfort. After all, who wants sweaty feet when they’re trying to relax?

You could rock some Crocs or TEVAs, sure, but they’re not the most attractive look in the world. Bare feet? If your floors are anything but clean you’ll regret it right away, and socks will cause slipping and sliding.

Thankfully, Yeezys just released brand new slides that are perfect for wearing around the house during quarantine.

Yeezy Trio

Yeezy Slide

They’ve got a strangely attractive smooth-clay look that’s perfect for rocking with a pair of sweatpants, gym shorts or even baggy jeans.

Did you know COVID-19 can survive on the bottoms of your shoes for up to three days? Don’t track that inside, switch into your Yeezys instead.

The soft-molded EVA foam they’re made of makes them super comfortable and the shark-toothed sole looks super sleek from the side. Your footprint will be unique if you ever decide to wear them outside, and they come in four different colors “Bone,” “Resin,” “Earth Brown,” and “Desert Sand.”

Unlike everything else Kanye West makes, these shoes won’t cost you your entire stimulus check. They were $55 when they first came out on Thursday 4/15 at 10:00am EST, but since then they’ve quickly sold out. They’re still available for between $84-$122 on StockX.

Get to StockX to make your bid and hopefully purchase a pair of these. May the odds be ever in your favor.


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