Make a Statement This Summer in These Y-3 Sneakers

Yohji Yamamoto's Y-3 Evasion Low Sneakers

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* Built on top of Adidas’ Boost midsole for increased comfort
* Rubber outsole made from Continental tires for extra grip
* Designed by famed Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto

Fashion might not always make sense and it’s certainly something to be debated over, but comfort is something we can all agree on and the Y-3 Sport Evasion Lows hit on both marks. Designed by famed Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto for his joint imprint with Adidas, this is the perfect shoe for summer.

If you’re unfamiliar with Yamamoto, he’s been making waves since the early 80s with his Japanese influenced avant garde style, and not much has changed since. He tends to create his collections in mostly black, which he explains is both “modest and arrogant at the same time.” And that really sums up his Y-3 Sport Evasion Lows. Because fashion.

Made with a combination of Adidas’ wildly popular Boost technology and Poron cushioning, the Evasion ticks the all-day comfort box, while also storing and returning energy to you every time you take a step. In other words, slip these on and your feet will feel less fatigued. The laser cut rubber upper features 360 degrees of reflectivity, sealed seams and multiple pockets. The semi-laceless design means these slip on with ease.

Adidas’ continued partnership with German tire manufacturer Continental bears even more reason to pick up a pair of Evasions. With an aggressive out-sole, you can go just about anywhere with a firm and secure footing — and you can do it in style too.

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