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Clip Into This Sleek, Summer-Ready Zac Posen Wristlet

* Pale blue wristlet bag with carabiner-inspired closure
* Cowhide leather and gold hardware
* Unlined, 1-pocket interior

Acclaimed designer and CFDA award winner Zac Posen launched ZAC Zac Posen in fall 2013, funneling his confident, dramatic, boldly feminine style into a collection of handbags. While bridge accessory lines can sometimes lose the essence of a designer’s aesthetic, Posen’s signature emphasis on craftsmanship and architectural silhouettes keep the look of any Zac Posen bag in tune to the spirit of his signature collection.

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Available in a blush pink “shell” color or a pale blue, Posen mixes a bit of humor with the luxury and glamour he often favors, by adorning this bag with what’s essentially a very fancy climbing carabiner, then naming it the “Belay.”

Stitched from smooth, pale blue leather, this petite bag features a bucket shape and turn-lock flap. The cow skin material is structured enough that the interior needs no lining; inside find a small interior pocket to stash your smallest essentials. And those carabiners? Reimagined in gold, one serves as a part of the turn-lock closure while another clips on the wrist strap.

Finding inspiration in the mundane and elevating it to opulent new heights is a Posen trademark, one that no doubt propelled him to an almost instantaneous success and doesn’t seem to lose its potency as expansion of his oeuvre continues.

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