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Zara Just Made Shopping for Clothing So Much Easier With New Sizing Tool

* Fast fashion giant Zara quietly launched new sizing tool for online shopping
* The “What’s My Size” feature asks shopper series of questions to evaluate size
* Results based on measurements, body shape, ag, and fit preference

Online shopping is becoming the norm when it comes to buying apparel. Aside from the obvious factor of convenience, online shopping offers the ability to find expanded options, rare finds and, often times, much better deals and prices. Unfortunately though, technology hasn’t been able to tackle the most troublesome obstacle related to shopping for clothes online — no dressing rooms.

Because you can’t try on before you buy, finding the right size and avoiding the hassle of returns and exchanges can be a struggle. But now, fast fashion giant Zara, has introduced a new shopping tool on their website to help make this struggle a little bit easier for discerning shoppers. The new “what’s my size” tool allows shoppers to enter in their height and weight in the pop-up wizard, and Zara will provide you with the suggested size, based on percent of returns from customers who reported the same stats.

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The new tool is presented underneath the available size options within each product listing. To generate the sizing tool, simply click on the blue question mark icon next to the “what’s my size” wording on the bottom right. Once you have already entered your information once, Zara will indicate your suggested size on each product listing in the circular blue icon, based on the sizing information that you entered previously.

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If you’re still not convinced you’ve found the perfect fit, simply hit the “add information” button, and additional illustrated questions will come up, prompting you to select the best representation of your body shape, age and bust measurement for a better assessment. Age is apparently included in their evaluation because it impacts the ways in which fat is distributed.

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The new size features are surprisingly comprehensive, and we feel confident that—despite Zara’s notoriously sized down fit—this new tool will ensure you get the best size and desired fit for each piece. It should be noted that new sizing tool isn’t available on each product listing as of yet, but we expect it will be included in new listings going forward.