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It’s Time to Reconsider The Pocket Square

* Add a pop of color to any sport coat or suit
* Bold geometric print
* Made in Italy from 100% silk

Whether you’re the type to add a lot of flair or even just a pop of color to your suit or sport coat, this is the perfect pocket square for you. From Ermenegildo Zegna’s younger and sportier line, Z Zegna, is the beautiful Pentagon Pocket Square.

But first, a quick breakdown between a pocket square, which this most certainly is, and a handkerchief, which this most certainly is not. The humble pocket square’s sole purpose is to add a bit of panache to any outfit. Whereas the handkerchief…well, you know what to do with a handkerchief. One other notable difference is that pocket squares, unlike handkerchiefs, have rolled hems.

It’s not often that you see pocket squares today, which is a shame, considering there are such wonderfully-designed pieces like this one from Z Zegna. The Pentagon’s concentric geometric pattern is mesmerizing when laid out and just as eye-catching when folded and tucked into a pocket. As you can see below.

Lazy loaded image

But you don’t have to go with the traditional Flat Fold (aka Presidential Fold) either. There are no less than a dozen different ways to roll and fold pocket squares. There aren’t, however, as many of these pocket squares floating around, so you’d better act quick before the Pentagon Pocket Square is gone for good.

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