Time Flies: The 6 Best Travel Alarm Clocks for Timely Adventures

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* Stay on time while traveling
* Choose analog or digital
* Options with  charging ports and time zone settings

Traveling can get hectic. Between catching planes, trains and buses, to battling jet lag, it’s important to stay on time. That’s why Spy has curated a list of six practical, reliable alarm clocks to pack on your next journey.

1. Travelway Analog Alarm Clock

Get the retro fun of an analog clock without the incessant ticking, as this second hand is completely silent. The alarm is loud and won’t shut off until you turn it off, so you don’t need to worry about missing your flight; however, the travel lock will ensure it doesn’t go off in your luggage.

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2. Hense LCD Digital Alarm Clock

The large, bold display on this clock makes it easy to see, and the soft light when you’re asleep won’t assault your sight. It’s shock-proof and runs on AAA batteries, so you don’t have to worry about adaptors when you switch countries.

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3. Plumeet Travel Alarm Clock

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more fun, this bright pink clock is lightweight and easy to throw into a carry-on. It also displays the date, and the time of your impending alarm, so you don’t have to worry about jet lag messing up your plans.

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4. Marathon Automatic Travel Clock

This alarm clock has a setting that allows you to easily switch between six different time zones, as well as five different languages. There is also a built in light sensor that triggers the backlight if the clock is placed in a dark environment.

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5. PeGear Mirror Alarm Clock

For a sleek, modern update on the classic clock, this model from PeGear helps you save room when packing as it can double as a make up mirror. It has touch sensitive controls, and it can be switched on as a night light so you don’t need to stumble around a dark room.

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6. Fywonder Dual USB Alarm Clock

Not content at being just a simple alarm clock, this one valso functions as a radio, a charging port with two separate USB plugs and an indoor thermometer.

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