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Why It’s Worth It: The Away Travel Carry-On

* At over $200, the Away Travel Carry-On isn’t the cheapest luggage option
* But, with its stunning build quality and wealth of features, it’s a good investment
* The smart design includes a built-in USB port, lock and inner compression pad

There’s no getting around it, a $200+ price tag is hefty when it comes to purchasing a piece of luggage, especially when you can find cheap and easy options in almost every store around town. However, the expensive price is not the whole story when discussing the Away Travel Carry-On. And based on this luggage brand’s rise in popularity, there are plenty of people who think this case is worth the price.

First, let’s go over a little bit of math. $200 does sound like a lot of money for a piece of luggage – because it is. But, this isn’t a one-time journey, and that’s the point. The Away Travel Carry-On isn’t an average, throwaway bag; it’s an investment. With its durable and tough build, this carry-on is going to be with you for a long time and dozens (even hundreds) of journeys. In particular, the specially designed shell has no problem dealing with the ‘love’ shown by TSA workers and in flight turbulence which may occur along the way.

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Image courtesy of Away Travel

You’ll also find the high build quality of the suitcase is matched by its beautifully simple yet brilliant design. Inside each side of the case, there’s a packing area for your belongings. But Away Travel has taken things one step further. One of the sides features tough straps and a cover that acts as a compression pad to hold down bulkier belongings, leaving you extra space and a second side to fill. On the other side of the bag, you’ll find a zippered compartment with an included waterproof laundry bag, which is ideal for keeping your shoes separate or holding any wet bathing suits you might end up with at the end of your trip.

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Moving the case is no problem, either. The Away Travel Carry-On delivers a smooth and easy ride to your gate with its 360°-spinning Premium Hinomoto wheels and pull-out handle. Because of this, the fact that it’s lightweight and easily carried with a choice of comfortable handles falls into irrelevance.

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Image courtesy of Away Travel

But, what makes the Away Travel Carry-On feel like a bag that justifies its expensive price tag are all the bells and whistles. These include a removable battery, which acts as a USB charger to rid you of those dead cell phone battery woes. When fully charged, the included battery is capable of charging an average phone fully up to 5 times. That means you’ll never miss important calls, messages or emails again. You’ll also find a built-in, TSA-approved combination lock, which is an easy way to keep your things away from prying hands. As a final added bonus, you can choose from 10 different color options to ensure your carry-on matches your style.

In conclusion, it should come as little surprise that the Away Travel Carry-On, with its wealth of smart features and its tough yet lightweight build quality, is fast establishing itself as everyone’s favorite carry-on suitcase.