7 Portable Purifiers for Fresh Air On-the-Go

best air purifier fresh air portable
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* These 7 air purifiers are all small in size and fully portable
* Enjoy freshly purified air wherever you go
* Ideal for hotel rooms, offices, in the car or just around the house

For many, the idea of breathing in fresh, outside air may be unrealistic in day-to-day life due to busy schedules, work and distances that are simply too far to travel. However, the solution is simple. Travel air purifiers allow you to take the cleanest air with you, wherever you go.

These tiny devices are perfect for the office and make great travel companions. Hotel rooms that reek of cigarette smoke? They’ll be as fresh as a spring forest after using one of these portable air purifiers. Stash them in your fridge or in the baby’s room for fresh, healthy air all around.

1. MUBA Portable Air Purifier

This MUBA air purifier is easy to keep with you on your travels. With its attractive appearance and carry-friendly size, you’ll never be without freshly purified air. This high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) purifier provides plenty of negative ions to give you a noticeably fresh air feeling as you breath in.

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2. Plixio Odor Eliminating Air Purifier

The PLX50 is a sleek air purifier that’s great for the office, bathrooms or any small room in the house. After connecting to a power supply, the energy efficient PLX50 works to achieve fresh, odorless air that’s free from airborne bacteria. The built-in adjustable dial also puts you in control of the ozone output, allowing you to choose the air that feels best to you.

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3. LUOYIMAN Air Purifier & Deodorizer

The LUOYIMAN air purifier doesn’t just clean the air around you, it also freshens it by reducing odors. That makes this tiny machine ideal for getting rid of unpleasant smells in your daily life. If your car or fridge seems to have an ever-present disgusting odor, try giving this compact can a go. With 36 hours of purifying available of a single USB charge, get ready for this aluminum purifier to introduce fresher and cleaner air to your lifestyle.

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4. TEC.BEAN Ionic Air Purifier

Super mini in design, the TEC.BEAN purifier can be stashed just about anywhere, including your bedroom closet, the baby’s room and even inside the refrigerator. With a simple on and off button, it’s easy to use the high pressure ionization technology. And perhaps the best part of this device is that it doesn’t require any replacement filters.

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5. Gideon Electronic Plug-In Air Purifier

The Gideon Electronic Air Purifier is unique for its use of UV light. This plug-in device utilizes the blue light alongside ionizers to eliminate 98% of airborne germs by breaking up the DNA of bacteria. The purifier is also energy efficient, only consuming eight watts of energy, and can be run 24 hours a day without any issues.

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6. IREALIST Desktop Air Purifier

Easy to operate, the IREALIST purifier features an oscillating head for clean air all around you. In addition, its HEPA filter can capture any dirty particles that are two microns or larger. Two speed settings make the purifier customizable, and the portable device charges via USB.

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7. WSTA Desktop Air Purifier

Designed to sit on a desktop, the WSTA air purifier is slightly larger than others on this list, but can still be transported wherever you desire. It’s a true HEPA filter, meaning it can eliminate 99% of airborne allergens. The WSTA portable purifier is also an ionizer that produces five million anion energy.

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