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This Anti-Theft Backpack is a Must Have For International Travel

* This tough, drawstring backpack is a nearly-indestructible portable safe
* The outer material is slash-proof, tear-proof and water-resistant
* It’s ideal for trips abroad when you want extra peace of mind

Having your belongings stolen on a trip abroad can, in the very least, put a significant damper on the trip. In reality, protecting yourself from theft is of the utmost importance when traveling anywhere. With that in mind, the LocTote Industrial Backpack was born out of the designer’s, Don Halpern, negative experience of having his stuff stolen on a vacation. He vowed to never let it happen again to himself or anyone else he knows.

The LocTote Industrial Bag Co. Flak Sack Backpack sports a 2-strap drawstring design. It’s made from a grey, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWP), which is both slash and tear-proof. And when we say slash-proof, we mean it! This material was originally created for use in body armor and is 5 times more cut-resistant than Kevlar.

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The internal storage space of the Flak Sack Backpack is large enough to house a MacBook Pro 15-inch laptop, and the bag also sports a water-resistant lining to keep your belongings protected from any unexpected weather, too.

Furthermore, the locking straps make this backpack extra safe. They boast a 1,000-pound breaking strength along with an integrated lock. These impressive elements make attaching your bag as a protective matter to chairs, rails, fences and any other fixed furniture items simple. The straps are sold as near indestructible and are somewhere close to impossible to remove or open when locked shut, providing more peace of mind than your average travel pack.

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Image courtesy of The Grommet

In addition, the attractive design of the backpack is completed with a number of leather and steel accents as well as soft double-braid nylon drawstring ropes, which provide a comfortable fit during the day. The rear-leather patch on the bag also doubles as a handy pocket for storing the solid brass, 3-digit combination padlock. Plus, you’ll find the backpack’s exterior sports UV protection to reduce color fading and degradation of the bag’s integrity.

If you aren’t just worried about physical theft, the fleece-lined interior pocket is RFID-blocking so your bank card and ID are safe inside. With this day pack, there’s no need to worry about having your important data taken.


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Image courtesy of The Grommet

So if like many other travelers, you like the sound of a little extra peace of mind when it comes to your belongings on your next trip abroad, it’s definitely worth considering this travel backpack-cum-portable safe as an option.


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