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Get This Super Popular Bra Bag to Make Sure Your Bras Are Never Crushed in Your Suitcase Again

* A protective case for storing your bras and lingerie in transit
* Say goodbye to deformed underwires and crushed bras after journeys
* Can hold 3 to 6 bras up to size 36C

There’s enough to worry about when traveling without opening your bag to find your expensive underwear has been damaged by a rough journey. With the Brag Bra and Lingerie Travel Case, you can rest easy that your bras are going to make it to your destination in exactly the same shape you pack them.

This built-for-purpose case is designed to hold between 3 and 6 bras, depending on their size. Its bra-shaped protective layer gives your underwear the cover it needs while in transit and also gives you a convenient place to store and organize your bras at or away from home. They’re great for storing swimwear too.

Furthermore, the “brag” features a handle to make carrying and hanging your bag super easy. And the outer shell is made from EVA foam, which is semi-rigid. The case firmly closes using two snap buttons on the front side. In addition, the covering on the case is resistant to any liquids or other makeup items that may spill in your bag. Plus, the high-quality foam is tough enough to get the job done while still allowing the case to be lightweight.

Additionally, not only does the bra bag provide a safe space for your lingerie, it also adds a dose of style to your luggage setup, too. Each case has a bra-like appearance including a cute ribbon bow between the cups, and the bag comes in 5 different colors including pink, black and a Tiffany-themed option.

With its chic look and protective function, the bra bag is not just a great way to protect your undergarments during travel. It adds an extra touch of style to your travel gear too.

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