The Best Camping Lanterns To Take On Your Next Trek

Camping Lanterns
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A camping lantern needs to be reliable, bright, easy to use, and durable. A good lantern will work in all different climates from camping in the mountains, to camping at the beach, to camping in the desert. Having a lantern that doesn’t need electricity to charge, and will provide light during the pitch black night of night is essential. Having a lantern run out of juice while your camping? Well that can really put a damper on your trip. We’ve chosen the top three camping lanterns that will last you through the night and suit any camping destination. Pick a couple of these up before your next trip.

1. LED Camping Lantern Survival Kit

This LED Camping Lantern four-pack is made up of 30 individual LED lights per lantern that will illuminate your campsite during the darkest of nights. It also comes with a light control switch that is strategically placed on the outside of the lantern, allowing you to increase or decrease the brightness without blinding yourself.

This lantern is battery-charged and comes with a rechargeable battery, making it a great companion for trips where power is limited. It can run on low consumption for over 12 hours which can be a life saver during a power outage. Its lightweight and compact design make it an easy tool to pack for your next camping, hiking, or backpacking excursion. We all know accidents happen, especially while in the outdoors; luckily if anything happens to any of your four lanterns you are covered with a 10-year warranty.

PROS: Very bright, battery powered

CONS: Light illuminates outward, not up or down.


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2. Etekcity Portable LED Camping Lantern

The Etekcity Portable LED Camping Lantern two-pack is constructed with military-grade plastic durability that will last through the harshest outdoor expeditions. This lantern also doubles as a flashlight or lantern by adjusting the placement of the handle. You can carry it from the top like a lantern or hold it from the side the same way you hold a flashlight.

These little powerhouse lights are just as bright as gas lit lanterns but much safer and easier to travel with. They are easy to power too — all you need is three, double A batteries per lantern. When they are not in use they can be easily collapsed to pack into a small bag. Each lantern can light up for up to 12 hours at regular full brightness, and can last beyond that if enough battery power is left. These lanterns are also FOCC and ROHS-certified, meaning they aren’t made with any specific hazardous materials that can be found in electrical products.

PROS: Powerful bright light, can be used as a flashlight

CONS: Doesn’t have at turn dial to adjust brightness

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3. AYL Starlight LED Lantern

The AYL Starlight LED lantern can provide up to six days of light. It’s also water-resistant, shock-proof, LED lit, and battery-powered. This lantern outputs 600 lumens of light and can last for over 100,000 hours of use. With just three D batteries this lantern can stay on for 144 hours straight.  It has three light modes: low, high, and flashing strobe. It also comes with a hook at the bottom which allows you to easily attach or hook it on to any surface when camping.

This is also a great back up safety light for your emergency tool kit in the case of a power outage. During an emergency, or camping trip when it’s dark outside, you can easily locate the lantern with its LED indicator button on the front. This lantern is great for any long camping or hiking trip, or just to use as a back up light when needed.

PROS: Can provide bright light for six days straight

CONS: Not as compact as other lanterns, but still light.


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